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Talentico Project:

Despite technological advances, contemporary society is still unable to provide gifted people with a guaranteed opportunity to express their talent in front of the whole world. The internet era has simplified this task for talents in various spheres of art, however many genius scientists, inventors, programmers and other specialists remain in obscurity. They are unable to unlock their potential and make a difference for the humanity.

Talentico project offers an unprecedented chance for talents to make a name for themselves and gain recognition of their abilities, irrespective of age, location and field of work. The main driving force behind TALENTICO platform will not only be its talents in need of support, but primarily talented investors from the range of our token holders. It is their active participation, good strategic choices, and investor’s instinct that will define the success of a single candidate and the project at large.

By reaping profit from his investment, a talented investor not only multiplies his fortune but also truly savors his creation, the significance of his deeds, his mission in the society, and the realization of his ability to change the world for the better. TALENTICO is a place where talented investors make profit hand in hand with talents.


Talentico Mission:

TALENTICO project mission lies in the creation of the ecosystem, where talented token holders will be making investments in order to gain maximum profit, thereby offering equal opportunities to the gifted people to unlock their potential, irrespective of age, social status and location.



TALENTICO During the use of ETHEREUM ecosystem, our token inside this system will be called TALENTICO. Once full transition to TALENT blockchain will be made, the token will also be called TALENT.


Token Cost:

  • Token – TALENTICO (TAL).
  • Cost - 1 token = 1 cent.
  • Token basis - Ethereum Standard - ERC-20
  • Hard Cap general - $70 mln
  • Soft Cap general - $20 mln
  • ICO start - 18 September 2018
  • ICO finish - 18 December 2018, or when all tokens will be sold-out
  • Maximum token amount - 12 bn.


Token distribution:

  • Sale – 60%
  • Team – 25%
  • Community development reserve – 15%

With each 60 tokens sold, 40 tokens for team and community reserve will be generated. Thus, total token emission will directly depend on the number of sold tokens. While the maximum allowed number of tokens if a hard cap of $70 million is reached, will be no more than 12 billion.


Talentico Team:

Talentico is a united team of established, outstanding, successful people. Each of us has a reputation of his own, which relies not only on talent, but many years of hard work as well. And they are ready to help other talents become successful.



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