Expert Coin

About Expert Coin

Our main mission is to help the market achieve the necessary standards of quality, transparency and reliability.

Professional Information Analytical ICO Rating

Our main goal is to provide major investors objective analytical information about every ICO.

Our mission

To deliver to investors professional evaluation of projects for they could make the right decision about investing in the more interesting and promising projects.

To offer ICO projects qualitative marketing platform for they could present their projects to prospective investors.

To provide qualitative information about ICO market, that will help market to grow and become more transparent and less risky.

To build our Rating only on the basis of expert assessment without any commercial components.

What are our strengths?

Experience. We gathered a team consisting of the very smart and experienced specialists with the expertise in different sectors.

Professionalism. We accumulated great experience in the implementation of complicated projects in major companies, including start ups, in the U.S., Russia etc.;

Great communication and mutual respect in our team support excellent internal and external interaction.

Powerful system of ICO assessment – the professional way of investment attraction evaluation helps ICO projects to adjust their weaknesses and investors to minimize their ICO investment risks.

Open expert team

We gathered a team consisting of very smart and experienced specialists with practice in different sectors.

  • ICO and blockchain;
  • Financial market – banking sector;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Real estate market – commercial, housing, foreign, land real estate;
  • Industrial market;
  • E-commerce;
  • FMCG etc.

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