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Project evaluation

How the ICO project is evaluated

The growing interest to the ICO Market leads to the growing need in qualitative analysis and evaluation of ICO investment attractiveness, including project key parameters like business plan, marketing strategy, project team, project implementation etc.

Our goal is to deliver to prospective investors a professional analysis of ICO projects for it could help them minimize ICO investment risks, show ICO investment potential, make the right and reasonable investment decision. Also, we strive to help ICO projects to gain more of investment potential through adjusting their weaknesses.

Rating of ICO Investment Attractiveness

Our rating is formed according to evaluation of the project investment attractiveness. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide to investors unbiased, comprehensive, and systematic information about the ICO project.

During their analyzing process, our experts conduct deep research and assessment of the project by the next key parameters:

  • Project Idea;
  • Business Plan;
  • Marketing Strategy: market, quality and perspective of the product, communication tools and website;
  • Team;
  • Physical implementation.

The main advantage of our Rating is in the deep assessment of Business Plan and Marketing Strategy, including market conditions, and professional approach at all stages. Our team consists of the business analytics with experience in the practical project implementation in the different sectors.

The result of this project assessment is a detailed report with the investment rating score.

Our analysis is based on the data that we receive from the project team and find in open verified resources.