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Analysis of ICO CICoin



CICoin is a decentralized self-regulated financial payment framework. It offers a crypto investment program with guaranteed daily income of 0.3%. The program will be available in 5 options (from 5 to 120 days long). A bonus amount after contract closing will depend on program duration. CICoin framework features are global availability, safety and anonymity.

Business Plan

Cryptocurrency investment program is at the core of CICoin network. The program is based on the principle of allocating investments to portfolios and trading strategies on exchanges in order to maximize profits and minimize risks.

The trading of an internal token - CIC - will be held on external exchanges only to prevent accusations of manipulating the price of token.                         

Marketing Strategy

There is no marketing plan in the WP. 30% of funds raised will be allocated to marketing activity. There is a bounty campaign at the moment. The team is active on social media - especially on Bitcointalk, but there is no Telegram Chat (only a group with official announcements and news).  


There are no team members/advisors profiles neither in the WP nor on a website. According to Bitcointalk thread, team members are employees of large financial organizations with extensive experience in asset management and cryptocurrency. It is stated that for the moment the team can’t be publicly revealed.

The Vision of the Market

There is no market research/overview in the WP. The project targets crypto investment market, which has high potential and real-life limitations requiring solutions.  

Understanding of the Target Audience

There is no audience segmentation in the WP. The basic segmentation could start with identification of investors - beginners or professionals, for example.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor analysis in the WP.  FinTech segment was one of the first to adopt blockchain technology, so the level of competition is rather high.


Even though the idea behind CICoin project seems to be relevant, the presentation of CICoin network is incomplete. This makes it rather difficult to evaluate project’s potential, according to analysts from Expert-Coin Rating.  

Weaknesses: the WP is very short, it’s more a pitch than a detailed presentation of the project. Main components - financial plan, business model, monetization strategy, marketing plan, competitor analysis, team members profiles - are missing. The website doesn’t have much information either (according to Bitcointalk, it will be re-launched soon).