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Deskundige evaluatie van ICO-projecten van Expert Coin

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Deskundige beoordeling van ICO-projecten

ICO Start End Rate
Ideal Data Memory (IDM) ICO Ultra-secure digital data storage service
04.06.2018 04.10.2018 5
Monoreto ICO A Social Network With Monetization Of Likes
15.08.2018 30.09.2018 5
MoviesСhain ICO Blockchain-based decentralized film distribution platform
16.04.2018 16.07.2018 5

Deskundige beoordeling van ICO-projecten

ICO Start End Rate
BitherCash ICO Pure Lending
05.12.2017 20.01.2020 1.7


Why Would a Startup Go for ICO?

Quick facts In 2017 ICOs collected over $ 3.6 billion in digital tokens; During the ICO, investors buy tokens in exchange for crypto or fiat currencies...


Cloud Data Storage With Blockchain: A Bright Future for Data Security Online?

The global market size of cloud services is expected to grow almost three times from USD 30,7 bln in 2017 up to USD 88,9 bln in 2022...


Cryptocurrency Fund Forum: An Event for Cryptocurrency Fund Managers and Investors

6 June 2018 The Bloomsbury Hotel, London There will be reports about operational and legal issues of crypto investment funds, plus discussions with investors about crypto funds and successful...


How to Assess the Potential of ICO-startup?

Boom of ICO startups started in 2017 and continues to present time. About 300 ICO startups are launched monthly...


Blockchain Technologies for Video-streaming Entertainment Platforms: The Future of Content Distribution

Online video streaming entertainment services are becoming increasingly popular, a phenomenon that will only continue with the ongoing development of blockchain technology....


Jack J. Bensimon. Token Sales’ Review of the Coming Months

May and June of 2018 are rich in promising ICO projects, which plan to launch token sales before  July. Expert-Coin has selected the most interesting and viable projects in th marketplace....



Cloud Data Storage With Blockchain a Bright Future for Data Security Online
Blochchain Technologies to Challenge the Existing Models of Social Media
Blockchain Technologies for Video-streaming Entertaining Platforms: The Future of Content Distribution
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Team van experts in het beoordelen van ICO-projecten

Austin Lane Muhs
Expert, ICO Adviser
Antony Chauvet
Project Manager, Marketing Campaign, Crypto Currencies Expert, Trading and Investment
Gregory Thomas
Strategy, Operations, Due Diligence & Finance Expert
Sadaf Abbas
Investment and Financial Analyst
Umar Farooq
Accounting, Auditing & Finance Professional
Asad Zeeshan
Chief Marketing Officer
Alex Mathai
Strategist helping businesses get to that next level
Jack J. Bensimon
Dynamic Chief/Risk Compliance Officer
Marco Brisotto
Financial Analyst and Risk Manager

Nieuwe expertbeoordelingen van ICO-projecten

BitherCash ICO Pure Lending
Total Score
Business Plan
Marketing Strategy
Market Vision
Understanding of Target Audienice
Competitive Advantage

ICO-projecten waarop de analist is voltooid:

BitherCash ICO Pure Lending 1.7
Product BitherCash is a highly secure peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency using the Scrypt PoW/POS (Hybrid) Algorithm with a self-regulated financial system...