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ZeroState Leads Tokenization of Feelings and Emotions


ZeroState is the first platform with emotional intelligence (EQ) applied. It helps advertisers to get an instant feedback from customers and to analyze their emotional involvement in campaigns. Customers get rewards for writing reviews. ZeroState is a DApp, where users review products and services in one word (emotion). These reviews are called “tokenized feelings”, because users receive ZSC tokens for their involvement. A continuous flow of tokenized feelings creates a unique database of opinions on products and services.

ZeroState is a search engine on a new level: it answers the question “how” instead of “what”. The platform is also a social network, where users can find like-minded people. The project boasts to be an “Uber-like advertising platform”: users get real money for their reviews. Number of reviews are projected to grow as well as the share of objective opinions. The app is available via AppStore and GooglePlay and has already 40,000 active users.