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Winning Teams Build DREAMs


If you’re into all things blockchain, your heard about blockchain talent platform The team behind Moneo is building an advanced ecosystem called DREAM. The new platform validates ideas and build teams, enabling more projects and startups to succeed. It is powered by ever-learning AI and is driven by real-world success. DREAM takes Moneo profile several steps further and aims to expand beyond blockchain niche: to startups and freelance markets. The team’s dream is to disrupt the $1.5tn global gig economy.

If you’re an entrepreneur with an amazing idea, DREAM will help you to validate your idea. AI will guide you through the steps of converting an idea into the real-life product. If you already have a project, but lack relevant professionals, DREAM is here to assemble a matching team. If you’re a freelancer who wants to work with proven projects, DREAM will offer you a detailed overview of a company.