Expert Coin

The Blockchain-based Exchange for Valuable Data Assets


On the brink of the Facebook scandal, the question of data sharing security is as timely as ever. There are solutions on the market, but PikcioChain offers something different.

The platform is decentralized, transparent and legally compliant. It empowers the individual user. The platform allows validation, storage and safe monetization of personal information. PikcioChain lets users to choose how to share their data, who to share with and provides the opportunity for compensation in case of data usage. The data is stored and transferred in a peer to peer way, instead of using an open blockchain like competitors do. The system is mass adaptable and could be used in financial and medical services, for example.

One of the features of the ecosystem is PikcioTokenSaleWallet - so participants of token sales are also covered by the company. An early version of the app is already available for download.