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Smart Trip Platform Project Looks Into Untapped Territories


Everybody goes to Paris, London, New York, Rome. Everybody visits Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal. But the world offers so much more than that. Global travel industry has unequal share of “most visited” spots. Bigger cities with world-known attractions are winning more and more tourists, their travel markets are backed by large travel service companies. But did you hear about Shipton’s Arch in China? Did you know that Guatemala has jungle treks? Did you try jeep driving in Madagascar or stayed at authentic Kyrgyz house? The list of unnoticed attractions goes on. Smart Trip Platform wants to change the situation. The projects plans to develop an ecosystem which will connects travellers and tourist service providers from all over the world. It is a resource for organizing trips, a vibrant community and an educational hub. The platform will offer all advantages of blockchain: secure payments, transparency, verified accounts, efficient conflict management and numerous opportunities for expansion. An MVP is already available.