Expert Coin is a Cashback Marketplace Powered by Blockchain


E-commerce and cashback systems are the most dynamic and promising segments in the digital market. Both of them tend to look at the obtained customers’ data as their property, which they use for their own marketing benefit. The customer never gets anything back for the exchange of precious insights. founders believe that users should also benefit from monetization of their own data. That’s why the REME-Coin was developed - its value will be based on the data of community. The more data is received from the community, the more cashback is distributed back. The platform is developed since 2015 and is planned for launch in Q3 2018. This cashback marketplace combines the advantages of existing products and eliminates their weaknesses. The main features of the platform are: up tp 100% cashback, cashback paid in Euros and in REME-Coins, transparency of payments, cashback are made in real time.