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One of the Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Launches a New Service


EXMO exchange was launched in 2013. The platform has over 1,400,000 global users and 200,000 daily visitors. The average monthly trading volume is 400,000 BTC, there are 48 active currency trading pairs. This is a universal investment transaction platform, where users trade with cryptocurrencies and fiat money. The business model is built to enable users to easily buy/sell/exchange cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.

EXMO is launching a new service - margin loans - to increase its profits with additional fees for using borrowed funds. Margin loans allow traders (mostly, newcomers) with limited capital to earn more. These loans are mainly used for short position trading. This is an additional profit source for EXMO: as the trading volume increases, the volume of offers does the same, thus making the platform more popular among traders.