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MDL – a Marketplace for Talented People


MDL is a project with a purpose to help talented people in receiving most profitable gigs, and talent booking agencies – in finding creative people with a proved reputation on the market. ITO is divided into 3 stages: stage 1 finished 24th April, stage 2 will be performed on May 15 - Jun 15, stage 3 – on Aug 15 till Sep 25, 2018. MVP will be released in June 2018, just after finishing Stage 2 of ITO. But project website and documents contain no information about business plan or detailed marketing research (only estimation of global talents market). Marketing strategy described very briefly – with China as the initial market (and no attention to the strong regulation of cryptocurrencies in China) and making the community around a platform as a strategy. Also, the team described as very professional and experienced but there are no proofs of their experience. Because of this, the (first ICO rating with a detailed analysis of each project) team marked this project as neutral.