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How to Improve Lives by Breaking Barriers to Communicating


The global population is estimated at 7.8 Billion people (source: UN). It is also estimated that 60% have no access to Internet across the globe (source: WEF). Does it mean that those people should be excluded from communication? Or will technology - namely, blockchain - change situation for the better? The team behind BlockMesh opts for second solution. Their aim is to create a global platform to mesh* and channel the IoT expansion, so each device would not require internet access. BlockMesh allows to make voice communication, send messages and share files with other BlockMesh users. No satellites, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi hotspots or radio repeaters are required. Data can be channeled via the mesh to prevent latency issues and deterioration of bandwidth. This is especially relevant for developing countries. Developed world, on the other hand, will have the benefit crushing data costs and banking fees.

The app - available on Google Play - can be set to use the BlockMesh network as a primary option and cellular data as a secondary. Users can spend the earned Mesh Tokens to buy data in an Mesh hotspot at a fraction of the price of typical cellular data. Tokens could also be used as cryptocurrency.

The ICO already reached the soft cap.

*A mesh network is a group of devices communicating and passing information from one to another in sequence till the intended recipient is reached.