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Experts Predict Complicating of Creating Process and Increasing of Quality of ICO Start-ups in 2018


Considering the increasing amount of scammers in the ICO market, major investors want to see warranty that their money wouldn’t be wasted. That’s why start-ups will have to prove their viability. So, if someone wants to start an ICO project, he’ll have to write a good whitepaper, conduct sound market research and competitor analysis, create marketing strategy and provide real numbers in the financial predictions.

Even if there are only 100 ICO projects, investors won’t be able to closely examine them all. This is where professionals who will analyze and sort out start-ups step in. These professionals are rating agencies whose job is to assess every ICO project and rate it according the earned evaluation.

According to all the above, a prediction can be made that amount of ICO projects will decrease but their quality and credibility will increase in 2018.

Experts confirm that that ICO projects will become more sound and trustworthy in 2018. The process of raising money will slow because investors will become more prudent. They will explore projects more attentively, compare with each other, and only then invest planned amount of money to the project they chose. It won’t be like in 2017, when retailer raised $100 million in a day. There won’t be uncontrollable moves and massive buzz about cryptocurrency market and ICO projects. Investment process will become more deliberate and gradual.

The one thing with no doubt is that the ICO market will continue to grow. Experts predict that qualitative growth will take the place of quantitative growth. That change will lead us to more ripe market with more worthy and interesting projects. It can harm only one-day start-ups and scammers who came to this market just for quick money. If experts are right, this kind of start-ups will be sort out by rating agencies from the beginning.