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Essentia Will Help You to Decentralize Yourself


Essentia is a complete set of tools to create, access and operate user’s decentralized digital life and identity. It’s a masternoded, multi-chained set of protocols that connect centralized and decentralized resources. Aragon, Flyp.Me, Gnosis and others are already integrated with Essentia. An MVP is available and pre-sale is sold out.

People, machines and IoT devices can use the framework. Only the user can access his/her personal data, UDs, setups, preferences, wallets and so on from every device and from anywhere in the world. There are two main modules - ESS-Home and ESS-OS. These modules are highly customizable by users, they also can integrate verified third-party services and DApps. There are more modules - ESS-PAY, ESS-META, ESS-TOOLS etc - that are fully integrated and open to collaboration with other resources. The team behind Essentia calls it “the multi-asset and multi-chain decentralization swiss-knife that everyone can own and use.”.