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BCharity Social Enterprise is a Charity of the Future


BCharity project is re-imagining charity and philanthropy. BCharity is an international charity exchange that directly connects individuals/funds/organizations and those in need across the globe. By implementing blockchain technology and its own utility token, BCharity will tackle problems of current donating systems. These problems are well-known - lack of transparency and trust, language barrier, unequal distribution of funds across the globe, lack of support for medium and small charity funds etc. BCharity wants to remove unnecessary intermediaries and regulations that decrease effectiveness of charitable activity. BCharity platform will include two elements: 1) a social network-like interface enabling organizations and individuals to showcase their stories and needs and 2) a cryptocurrency based exchange facilitating purchase of CHAR token with fiat money and other crypto. An MVP of BChain platform will be launched in June 2018. The project is currently in private sale stage.