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AirPod: The Future of Travel and Napping Industries


It’s challenging to be a transit passenger. According to various researches (including the one from Skyscanner), transit passengers needs are: relaxation, entertainment, storage for personal belongings, privacy, work (for business travelers). How many airports can offer a package like this and at affordable prices? The concept of smart airport emerged some time ago and developments are happening. For example, an AirPod Sleeping Pod, or simply AirPod. It’s a private, capsule-style unit designed to be installed in public spaces like airports, railway/bus stations, shopping centers, offices etc. AirPod offers rich functionality and lots of features for maximum convenience. Free Wi-Fi, power sockets, working desk, storage space, air conditioning, HEPA filter, flight status information, self-disinfection LED system, a seat that could be transformed into a bad. Customers can rent AirPod on the spot or remotely via a DApp, pricing is set per rent hour.