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Important ICO News

Brief news of the main ICO projects and tokens that are important for crypto investors

Alicoin Wants to Make Life of Crypto Holders Easy

Alicoin team came with the idea to create a platform with two main features: direct exchange of coins to goods/services and investments opportunities. The blockchain-powered platform will have an internal token - ALC - via which all operations will be performed. The team plans to work with Amazon, eBay and the likes along with smaller online shops, based on user’s geolocation

Essentia Will Help You to Decentralize Yourself

Essentia is a complete set of tools to create, access and operate user’s decentralized digital life and identity. It’s a masternoded, multi-chained set of protocols that connect centralized and decentralized resources. Aragon, Flyp.Me, Gnosis and others are already integrated with Essentia

CoTrader – Platform for Establishing and Managing Own Investment Funds

The team (first honest ICO rating with deep analysis) reviewed ICO documents and website of CoTrader. It is a project od establishing platform which allows to either create own investment fund (not only for cryptoassets because there will be tokenization of real-world assets), or investing in someone’s fund and starting a copying of his/her investment strategy

W12 – Innovative Ecosystem for ICO Performing

W12 – Innovative Ecosystem for ICO Performing
Meet W12 – an ecosystem for all participants of ICO process: investors, founders and market professionals. This product will make ICO more simple for their initiators, more secured for investors (with return of funds in case of project fail because of token usage as a kind of escrowing)

EVO Uses Blockchain for Human Skills Assessment and Development

Technology advances are happening at an unprecedented speeds. Traditional approaches to education and employment are not able to address changes at an adequate speed. This results in several ussies like gap in communication between education and business, lack of qualified HR agencies to hire skilled professionals, outdated systems of assessments and others

CryptoBrokerage. Aggregator of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

CryptoBrokerage is a platform that aggregates information from more than 64 cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can compare cryptocurrency prices and make the best deals. CryptoBrokerage also allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The platform uses artificial intelligence technology and natural language processing, provides users with useful and reliable information

XRT. A Payment App for Food Industry

The founders of XRT project believe that the food industry is experiencing problems with payment methods for food and drinks. They offer a new payment platform XRT, which allows you to make fast and secure payment transactions. But is really a problem there? The project is more like the imagination of inexperienced beginners who don't bother to explore the market and competitors

FOAM Network – Blockchain-based Geopositioning System

Meet FOAM – first blockchain-based geopositioning system. According the founders’ opinion, it can solve some of the current systems’ issues like jamming, cyberattack vulnerability etc. But FOAM will be based on marks made by ecosystem participants (virtual marks – tokens, real marks – radio systems)