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Important ICO News

Brief news of the main ICO projects and tokens that are important for crypto investors

The First Connected Car platform on Blockchain Is Here

And it is called VINchain app. The app’s features will excite any car enthusiast. Thanks to a huge database of partners, an app will allow car owner to receive discounts on maintenance, refueling and washing. The app gathers various driving stats and give tips on how to drive more economically

Selfllery Turns Likes Into Cryptocurrency

Everyone shares their visual content. “Likes” and other types of appreciation on social media are great for a personal pride. But what if there was a way to monetize your activity? Take a photo - make money. Like a photo - make money. Well, there is a social network for this. Selfllery is a multifunctional platform that allows users to receive rewards for in cryptocurrency

TV-TWO: Interesting Product, Declining Market

TV - TWO is a very interesting project. Its purpose is to make television individual for each user, and television advertising - extremely targeted. The founders of the project see their goal in eliminating the monopoly of traditional television on user and advertising content. Users will be able to customize their channels, and advertisers could send messages directly to the target audience

VRT Will Provide Us a New Kind of VR

Our team have analysed a very interesting project, VRT platform for creating content for virtual reality. The platform will give independent developers the opportunity to create and sell their content on the platform. The founders of the project promote a very interesting idea of creating their own chain of virtual reality parks, which in the first place need game content

Rigoblock - An Idea for Small Traders

Are you a beginner in trading with no experience or a small investor? In this case you may be interested in Rigoblock platform. The founders of the project have the intention to create this service for novice traders and small investors who can't access to investment processes through large hedge funds and brokers

Gilgamesh. Is It Something New for Authors?

The Gilgamesh project is a platform for authors, readers and literary critics. Through the platform authors and readers would become closer to each other, and publishers would not be needed at all. Thus, authors would get rid of such an additional burden as design, printing and advertising of books. These problems could be solved by special services of Gilgamesh platform

GraphGrail Proposes a Really Smart AI

GraphGrail is quite controversial ICO-startup, so it was interesting to look into it a little deeper. The main idea of the project is a really smart artificial intelligence which can understand humor, irony and can perform subtle semantic analysis

Friendz - Exiting ICO for Brands

We have analyzed a very interesting and hopeful Italian ICO-project. So, get acquainted – Friendz! This is a special platform where users create content for brands. The project is a social network with real and short links between users who know each other personally