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Important ICO News

Brief news of the main ICO projects and tokens that are important for crypto investors

Mango Startups is a New Way of Venture Investment

Mango Startups project offers a new way to participate in venture capital investments, through the tokenization of this process. The team launches an ICO to raise funds for the purchase of 35% of the 'InvertUP Fund Batch 2' that has a portfolio of 8 successful startups. In comparison with many ICO, the project is connected with real economy

Car History Registry Could Be Also Build on a Blockchain

That’s exactly what carVertical does: gathers as much information as possible about car’s history and stores it into blockchain registry. The platform aims to solve many problems which exist in a used cars market. These problems are: scattered data, limited availability of information, inter-country data loss and complexity in calculating vehicle value etc

Darico. A Mix of Gold and Cryptocurrency

At first glance, Darico is yet another platform offering a usual set of services: wallets, trading platform, cryptocurrency exchange, etc. It would seem nothing new. But one of Dariсo's ideas is to oppose the volatility of cryptocurrency market. The founders of the project offer a very interesting tool: a pool that includes Bitcoin, Ethereum and gold

Golden Fleece. Does It Exist?

Golden Fleece is a project to build a mining center in Georgia's free tax zone. Tax free zone, green energy, unique construction technology. The team claims that they have already built a similar mining center. Sounds impressive. But there are only tasteless banners in social networks calling to buy tokens

Plaza Systems Presents: bCommerce™

E-commerce is yesterday, m-commerce is today and bCommerce™ is tomorrow, according to Plaza Systems. Plaza Platform offers “a freedom and cryptocurrency lifestyle”: the ability to quickly and conveniently shop everything across the whole internet. Plaza ecosystem consists of the following products: Plaza Concierge, Plaza Card and Plaza Merchant

Online Fantasy Sports is About to Be Changed Forever

Esports is a booming industry which doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Fantasy sports - being a part of this market - showed the most rapid growth during last years. Technology and eSports combine perfectly together and it was just a question of “when” for blockchain to enter this market. MyDFS is a blockchain-powered platform which connects sports fans around the world

ECB Proposes to Become a Regulated Crypto Bank

ECB is a very challenging and ambitious project. ECB offers a wide set of services: cryptocurrency exchange and trading, rating and analysis of ICO projects, robots-advisers, and a network of lawyers. And it's all on blockchain. It seems that ECB wants to oust all competitors from the market

TopiaCoin - An Experiment of Topia Technology

Blockchain technology enables to develop new approaches to digital assets security. Topia Technology launched a detached project to develop a new product - Secure Decentralized File Sharing (SDFS). SDFS is based on blockchain and uses unique encryption technology Topia