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Important ICO News

Brief news of the main ICO projects and tokens that are important for crypto investors

Plentix. A New Referral Platform

Plentix is a new marketing tool to ensure the organic growth of business due to the influx of new consumers who came on the recommendation of friends and acquaintances. Not only referrers but also referees will be able to earn using the Plentix application. Members of referral programs will be able to receive rewards in the form of tokens and/or discounts on products and services

Deedcoin Plans Tokenization of Real Estate Commissions

The platform wants to directly connect property buyers and sellers with real estate agents. It also wants to decentralize and streamline the industry through blockchain technology and its own token. Deedcoin operates in a network model, the platform is already active with Deedcoin brokers in over 140 cities across the U.S. Deedcoin is currently in a patent pending mode

Payera Plans to Become the Next Big Thing of Online Shopping

Payera is an ecosystem which combines three products: a payment platform, an online marketplace and a new generation credit card. These products have original names: Payera, Shopera and Cardera. The ecosystem is powered by blockchain technology and will launch its own token

Global Currency Powered by Blockchain and Backed by Gold

That’s exactly how the Golden Currency is positioning itself. The vision is really ambitious: to create a legal and independent private analogue of the Central Bank. The project consists of two elements: Golden currency and Golden currency infrastructure. Golden currency will be backed by gold and exist in the form of both cash and non-cash money

TrustLogics. A Blockchain Platform Based on Peer-to-Peer Hiring Model

TrustLogics is a job search and recruitment platform. Jobseekers have the opportunity to officially endorse their employment, drug and criminal history. Recruiters will be able to save a lot of time that is required to search for staff. But what is the principal novelty here? There are already many such resources

Coins4Favor is Global Mini-job Marketplace

Analysts of (first ICO rating with deep analysis of each listed project) prepared their report about Coins4Favors – a blockchain-powered global marketplace for mini-jobs (‘favors’). WP of this project marks very ambitious goals but have no support of detailed business-plan, clear market research or understanding target audience

Innovative Solution for Shipping Market – 300Cubits as Deposit Account for Safe Shipping

Analysts of (first ICO ration with honest analysis of each project) prepared their review of 300Cubits – the solution for shippers and consignors for insuring cargo shipping at declared time

Eo.TRADE. A Combined Platform

Eo.TRADE is a project to create a combined trading platform, where you can trade both traditional assets and cryptocurrency assets. Eo.TRADE is a project of the brokerage company ExpertOption, which has been operating on the market since 2014. The new project will be promoted among traders who already use the ExpertOption trading platform