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Analysis of ICO WHEN Token

Product WhenHub will be a platform for connecting people to experts of all kinds via video or two-side streams, text messaging or in person

Analysis of ICO UBEX

Product Ubex will be a blockchain-powered online advertisement system with usage of neural networks alogorithms

Analysis of ICO Qravity

Product The QRavity platform will be a tool for decentralized development of content (films, music, games etc) with project management tools, virtual asset productionnd  aapproval, file management and messaging for team members and community. Qravity will have a special tool Qravity Project Tokens (QPT) which will be issued by each project founder as payment tool for each project task

Analysis of ICO PerfectChain Network

Product Founders are presenting Perfectchain Network as a next stage of blockchain development – i.e. mostly designed for token support, not for currencies support like Bitcoin and Ethereum

Analysis of ICO Vanig

Product Vanig is a blockchain-based product designed for supply chain management. It is an integrated solution of e-commerce and supply chain. Founders believe that this product can make supply chains more transparent, and more direct from point of view of final customer – i.e

Analysis of ICO Red Pill Coin

Product Red Pill is positioning by its founders as ‘cryptocurrency of the future’, based on Ethereum. WP contains only brief information about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their trends

Analysis of ICO SnapBots

Product SnapBots is a platform which enables its users to create their own Bots – learning, flexible AI systems based on blockchain algorithms which can be used in fraud detection, trading and investments, cyber security and HR & Talent Acquisition. Bots will be bought on platform marketplace, trained in special environment (i.e

Analysis of ICO TheBike

Product TheBike is a platform that will connect shared bike companies around the world. TheBike system will have an API, adaptable for others. Bikes that will use the platform will have an integrated GPS and blockchain technology