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Basic expert assessment of the project VRT ICO


VRT is a platform to create content for virtual reality in the field of entertainment industry. Performers will be able to use functionality of the platform to create content, and client companies will buy this game content. The first client will be VRT company itself, which will purchase content for its game parks.

Every company that produces equipment for VR, creates content which is suitable only for this equipment. This enables content developers to promote their products. Decentralized VRT platform will give developers the ability to interact directly with the platform and to obtain a fairer reward for created content.

But there are some doubts that the product will be in demand from other companies creating equipment for VR or planning to open VR parks.

Business Plan

The economic model of the project is quite plane. Content developers and content buyers perform operations on the platform using its functionality. The platform will charge the participants a fee for transactions. Tokens produced during ICO will be used as means of payment within the platform. In addition, tokens can be used to buy franchise of VR parks, as well as for visiting VR parks.

Investors can benefit both from increase of token price after pre-sale, and from their further use on the platform.

Marketing Strategy

The company offers its platform as a marketplace for content creators. The first buyer of content will be VRT company itself, as it needs content for VR parks. Then the platform will attract users who need content for their HMD devices, and commercial and non-commercial companies using VR for game parks or provide specific remote services. Competitors will also be interested in creating a sufficient amount of content and exchange of customers.

But this is only assumptions of the project team. It is not a fact that competitors will come to the platform to buy content. Most likely, other market participants will find it more profitable to create their own content for produced HMD devices or VR parks.
White Paper details marketing activities: hackathons, participation in exhibitions, work with media and advertising.

Investments, received during ICO are need to create and promote VR platforms and parks. Great advantage of the project is a very detailed description of what will be spent on the collected funds.


The core of the team makes a very respectable impression. Project leaders have experience mainly in the field of IT and VR development. It is written in the White Paper there are 40 people working on the project. In addition, the founders of the project engaged outside experts in the field of blockchain, VR, legislation and finance.

Undoubtedly, this demonstrates a serious approach to the project.

The Vision of the Market

In the White Paper the creators of the project describe objectively existing trend of rising industry of cyber entertainment in which VR plays an important role. Accordingly, the demand for game content is growing. VRT relies on the growth of VR parks segment, where gamers are not limited their computer and can experience the thrill of driving or plane flight, etc. In this part the vision of the market is quite realistic.

For a new segment of VR parks, as well as VR on personal computers, a very large amount of content will be needed.

According to the founders of the project, VR market is already experiencing a lack of content. But this is just an assumption. It is not yet clear whether there will be demand for platform services from other VR companies.

Understanding the Target Audience

The project team believes its target audience should be game content developers, and perhaps they are right. Some developers will come to the platform and will make the content for VRT. But there may be difficulties with involvement of another content buyers, in fact, VRT competitors,. These companies are likely to develop their own content for their gaming devices.

The roadmap includes activities to work with VR end users: events for gamers, promoting the idea of cybersport. Undoubtedly, these are very important aspects needed to give a boost to demand for the product.

Competitive Advantage

The idea of building VR parks which can become a new segment of cyber sports is great advantage of the project. The founders of the project are ready to spend a significant part of collected funds. In addition, the project team has developed an interesting full-body tracking system that will be used in VR parks. Perhaps the key element of the whole project would have to be VR parks, because they impact the demand for content created on VRT platform. But, unfortunately, there are no details about parks construction. And this may call into question development of the project.

Description of the project VRT ICO

Blockchain ecosystem for developers, players and business

Enjoy unlimited VR features and get access to exclusive technologies, participate in ground-breaking gaming and entertainment projects, monetize own ideas, become owner of offline VR parks across the globe by means of VR Kit project.

VR platform offers unique opportunity to develop own VR products on basis of our SDK and API.

Turnkey solution will save Your time and money, You will get access to trendsetting technologies and equipment, You will be able to test own games in off-line parks in different countries. The marketplace offers opportunity to monetize different projects without leaving the system.

Developers, players and businesses will establish community and will constantly contribute to its development and growth. VR offers unlimited opportunities for application of VRT technology.


  • Verification of intellectual property ownership
    The use of the blockchain allows storing information about authors and rights to content. Specially created software allows checking the authenticity of content through the blockchain. When purchasing content, a smart contract is automatically generated to confirm the rights (license verification) or distribution of royalties, which contributes to unprecedented copyright protection.
  • Profit automatic distribution
    Blockchain guarantees transparency and automation of profit distribution between all parties involved in the project. All proceeds gained from content sales and lease will be regulated and distributed through SMART contracts between owners of VR park (franchise), content developers and VRT managing company.
  • Community involvement
    We will use Blockchain for voting which will help to control quality of content and to execute marketing research with regard to user preferences. Polls will help to identify the most important areas for the development of the technology. Aggregation and analysis of feedback from the auditory is our priority goal.
  • Developers motivation system
    Fund for motivation of developers will be established on basis of the platform. Accumulated cash assets will be granted to talented developers and forwarded for development of most prospective projects that will make the community interested.
  • Cybersport tournaments
    Blockchain opportunities will be used to reward winners of VR park cybersport tournaments. SMART contracts will control distribution of prize pool between players.
  • Franchise management practice
    We are the first team to use Blockchain for managing of VR franchise. Courtesy of registration of all activities (games releases) business owners can rely on legitimate profit distribution.

Pre-Token Sale
Starts December 5, 2017 and ends December 23, 2017.

  • Pre-Token Sale with 40% Bonus is only able for members of Whitelist. For Whitelist members it finishing at 04.00 pm (Moscow time) on December 5, 2017 and ends at 11.59 pm on December 12, 2017.
  • Pre-Token Sale with 30% Bonus for all members. For all members it starts at 05.00 pm (Moscow time) on December 5, 2017 and ends at 11.59 pm on December 23, 2017.
  • The target of Pre-Token Sale is 1.000.000 $

Token Sale
Starts February 27, 2017 and ends March 27, 2017

  • For Whitelist members with 30 % Bonus
  • To $5.000.000 - 20 %
  • From $5.000.000 to $10.000.000 - 15 %
  • From $10.000.000 to $15.000.000 - 10 %
  • The target of Token Sale is 16.000.000$


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