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Decentralized System For Cryptocurrency Payments
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Basic expert assessment of the project Paytomat ICO


Paytomat is the decision on the implementation of the cryptocurrency at the point of payment (PoS). The project offers an interface and software that will make cryptocurrency an acceptable payment tool.

Owners of sales outlets and developers of software for payment terminals will  implement Paytomat in their payment systems. Cryptocurrency users can easily pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies.  

Paytomat intends to become something like a Visa or MasterCard for the world of cryptocurrencies.

Paytomat is already used by 150 sales outlets in Ukraine, and now the project claims to be expanded on a global scale.

The product is not only interesting but also useful. This kind of decision is quite timely for the cryptocurrency market and will help to make cryptocurrencies a real payment instrument, not only a way for speculative income.

Business plan

Paytomat is a comprehensive solution that includes several elements: plug-ins and applications for terminals and online stores, wallets, payment gateways. The development of these components will take place in stages in 2018 and 2019.

The soft cap is set at 4 555 000 dollars, hard cap set at 17 555 000 dollars.

Paytomat will earn on user transaction fees.

In general, the business plan looks quite adequate to the project, although not detailed enough.

Marketing Strategy

One of the key elements of Paytomat's marketing strategy is a decentralized franchise. Clients will be attracted this way .

Other elements of marketing strategy that we can see are interaction with the community through social networks and media. But a holistic marketing strategy is not developed.


The team consists of 6 people. Team members have experience in IT security, blockchain development, marketing, internet analytics, and business development. The team's experience is quite relevant to the project. But the team looks quite small for such an ambitious and large-scale project.

The Vision of the Market

The founders of the project provide data on the number of transactions in Bitcoin and the Visa. The number of transactions in Visa is hundreds of times higher than the number of Bitcoin transactions. The founders of the project believe that the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment will strengthen the cryptocurrency market. The project is aimed primarily at the markets of Africa, Asia and CEE, where there is no strict regulation of cryptocurrencies.

The White Paper contains descriptions of 18 projects that have similar features with Paytomat. Paytomat intends to  combine and improve the properties of existing solutions in this area.

In common, the founders of the project have an idea of the market, although without detailed analysis.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of the project is the owners of retail outlets and online stores, as well as developers of software for payment terminals. The crypto community is also interested in increasing the liquidity of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Overall there are no problems with understanding the target audience, but this vision looks somewhat generalized.

Competitive Advantage

The founders of the project see the benefits of Paytomat in the following:

  • Loyalty program for users and traders for the use of cryptocurrencies
  • User-friendly interface and advanced functionality
  • Enhanced security.

The team pays great attention to comparison with competitors and positions its decision as combining and developing all the best that the competitors have.


Paytomat is a well thought-out project and has several strengths:

  • A product demanded by the market
  • Clear vision of the market
  • Good understanding of the target audience.

The weak points of the product are as follows:

  • Small project team
  • There is no coherent marketing strategy.


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annachern888 27.11.2018 17:55 # Reply
Great project! Simple clear concept and perfect execution! Highly professional team
Great project! Dynamic team! Perfect execution!
I like Paytomat project a lot and strongly believe in it's success. Following this project for some time I must admit as a strong advantages clear and simple idea behind, detailed explanation in whitepaper, simple solution infrastructure which doesn't need any extra investments from merchants side, loyalty programme for the customers. Moreover I follow the progress of team and impressed a lot with their energy and dynamic development. During short period of time they launched the wallet app and never stop to improve and develop it.