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Cedex is the first certified diamond exchange built using blockchain technology.

Application (goods)

Cedex is a diamond exchange that allows to invest in diamonds. And through the use of blockchain technology the authors of the project assume that investments on their exchange market will be simple and safe. In addition to investing in diamonds the exchange will offer investment in diamond baskets.

The algorithm of computer-based education and blockchain technology allows to assess the adequacy of the requested diamonds price. This creates prerequisites for the standardization of this market because a contract for each stone is created.

Exchange market inside calculations are supposed to be carried out using the exchange's own tokens.

The team

Most of the team members are TechFinancials company’s employees. The company develops trading platforms for financial and technical markets - trading companies, Forex market, etc.

There is no doubt that almost every team member has enough experience in their field - financial management, marketing, software development, etc. 

Target group

As the target group, the authors see investors willing to invest in diamond assets that have low volatility and a stable growth of about 5% per year.

Market research

The team did not conduct their own research. Links go to open sources and internal evaluation analytics of the company.


Interestingly the authors of the project approached the evaluation of the prospects of investments in diamonds development. Currently only 5% of diamonds are purchased for investment purposes. To evaluate the attractiveness of the diamond market the authors of the project analyzed the gold market and indicated that it has a volume of about $700 billion. At the same time, about 80% of this turnover is made up of investment deals, which is about $550 billion. The current diamond market was estimated by the project author at $90 billion with an investment component of $1 billion.

If the project team succeeds shifting the proportions of investments in the overall turnover of the diamond market by analogy with the gold market, then the volume of investments in diamonds will increase, according to the authors of the project, to $350 billion, if the investment turnover is relative to investments in jewelry and industrial diamonds 80% to 20%.

Project Marketing

There is no plan for marketing and communication strategy in the project.

The conclusion

Recently in the market with an enviable regularity projects offering investments into gold, diamonds, bananas etc. are appearing based on the blockchain technology.

Each project guarantees reliability, liquidity, profitability, etc.

The last example has become rather sad for 3,200 investors in the Bitcoin Gold project. They lost literally in one night from November 13 to 14 2017, more than $2.5 million due to the scammers. The initiative group of investors accused the authors of the project in complicity with the scammers, believing that it was the authors of the project who provided scammers with all the data to withdraw funds from the project. But when the project was advertised the main message was that the project's tokens are guaranteed by gold and this as you know is very reliable. But as it turned out, is not so reliable compared to the usual investment in gold using traditional investment channels for example hedge funds.

Certainly the authors of the Cedex project are respected people and qualified specialists. In this regard you do not have to worry.

But on the other hand investments in diamonds on the Cedex exchange suggest using surrogates of fiat money - CEDEX Coin tokens. And what will prevent intruders from withdrawing investors' assets when an appropriate case occurs? Nothing will stand in the way.

Thus, it is not important what the authors of the project offer for investing - gold, diamonds, furs, black caviar or bananas. In any case, investments will be risky because there is nothing eternal in this world.

Description of the project Cedex ICO

Cedex is a blockchain-based exchange platform that allows users to invest in diamonds. The Cedex team builds a bridge over the gap between the diamond industry and the innovative financial markets. Studies and researches show that diamond prices are likely to rise over the coming decades. So diamond industry is an interesting investment asset.

Cedex coin is a new cryptocurrency that allows traders and cryptocurrency holders to buy diamonds. It is an ERC20 compatible token. There are a lot of moments you should know if you are interested in investing in diamonds. 


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