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Description of the project BUILDCoin ICO

The B1x Fund
The B1x Fund is the first crypto powered construction loan system. Builders, homeowners, or anyone financing a construction project can apply and receive funding at an unprecedented ZERO percent interest rate. The loans are distributed in BUILDCoin, they can be accessed in real time as project milestones are met.

The B1x GEN
To enable funding the B1x GEN creates legally binding three way contracts between builders/homeowners, contractors and BUILD1x, These contracts are backed by real-world assets. The B1x GEN allocates and coordinates the funds to support the project.

BUILDCoin is digital money that can be traded for labor, equipment, or materials throughout the BUILD1x platform. Using automated smart-contracts, a network of trustless obligations can be created, to facilitate open trade within the BUILD1x marketplace and beyond.


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