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Bubbletone is a decentralized telecom platform (ecosystem), which directly connects mobile network operators, phone users and service providers. The main goal is to make global telecommunication simple and cheap, no matter location.

White Paper provides deep evaluation of product’s value in real life. Existing problems within telecom industry are identified and well-weighted solutions are offered. Product’s advantages and weaknesses are clearly listed and well assessed.

Product’s advantages:

  • Product addresses an existing problem: an obsolete roaming system, which is becoming more expensive and less efficient to use;
  • Product offers a real solution to make telecommunication services widely accessible;
  • A platform eliminates intermediaries, making services accessible;
  • A platform “de-monopolizes” telecom market, opening it for middle and small operators;
  • Product’s business process is quite universal and could be used outside telecom industry;
  • A platform is developing on a trusted framework (Graphene);
  • Beta-version of the product is available to download at Google Play and AppStore along with first prototype of a server (“Node”) on GitHub.

Product’s weaknesses (these weaknesses are connected to the complexity of the system):

  • A stable speed of transactions operations is critical - the functioning of a platform depends on it;
  • Necessary tech updates of servers could cause dysfunction of older servers thus affecting the whole ecosystem;
  • A possibility of hackers attacks;
  • It could be cumbersome to add new operators to the system.

Business Plan

There is not much information about business plan in the White Paper. The WP offers a 5-years growth forecast of Bubblestone ecosystem, economics and distribution of tokens.

Roadmap of a product is clearly stated for 2018, while 2019 steps are a bit vague and need further detalization.

Marketing Strategy

Project’s Marketing Mix follows a classic 4P pattern.

Product: satisfies needs of customers; features are rich and useful, there are also complementary services.

Price: is the main competitive advantage of the product; pricing strategy is beneficial for both providers and users.

Place: the product has international accessibility and vast market coverage.

Promotion: marketing communication is well-thought; company participated in numerous relevant roadshows (covering different continents).


Very strong team of industry experts and blockchain specialists. Members with managerial positions have 20+ years of experience - commercial and technical - in telecom and in launching new projects/products. There are also many IT specialists, which is important giving the complexity of technological solution offered within the product.

WP lists Tesco Mobile and Citic Telecom among other operators which agreed to partnership. There are also signed partnerships with Crypto Valley, ShoCard and Lingualeo.

The project have very solid and experienced advisors with varied backgrounds and expertises.

The downside: not all core team members have link to LinkedIn (or other relevant) profile.

The Vision of the Market

Marketing research, competitor analysis and marketing mix are very detailed, supported by numbers and statistics from Cisco, GSMA and Statista reports. The team has a clear vision of the market thanks to its vast experience in telecom industry and thorough marketing research. Existing problems are identified and explained, main competitors are listed and target audience’s difficulties and needs are represented. Product's potential for the market is well explained and is based on research.

Understanding the Target Audience

Market research is well conducted and detailed. Target audience is clearly identified and includes three groups: mobile services providers (carriers), phone users (subscribers) and crypto-miners. There is a whole section dedicated to real life problems and difficulties each target market experiences at the moment and clear-cut solutions from Bibbletone platform are offered.

Competitive Advantage

Competitor Analysis is well conducted resulting in listing of three competitors in the market. Short description of each competitor is provided along with explanation why Bubbletone has an advantage.

Additional Commentaries

The company is active on social media where they have rather solid following.

The company’s website is filled with data, stats and infographics. Aside from White Paper there are One Pager, Yellow Paper and SAFT available.

The White paper is well constructed, has detailed analysis of the market, very deep explanation of product’s functioning and an overview of tokens financials.

Description of the project Bubbletone ICO

Bubbletone is a block chain and an ecosystem that gives an opportunity to phone users, mobile network operators and service providers to have a direct interaction.

The operators and the users can have a direct connection in this marketplace. With the help of this innovative platform, the travelers will become local customers for any operator in any foreign country they are travelling to. There is no need to replace the SIM card and the basic number of the customer will remain unchanged.

Smart contracts are what the customers use inside the platform. When one is getting subscribed, he/she gets an offer and a smart contract is being created. The latter includes the digital identity of the subscriber. The payment is directly transacted to the operator of the foreign country.


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