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Brixby is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology that helps people around the world use local transportation services such as ticket sales, electric vehicle charging, parking, renting, etc. customize and manage these services. There is a set of tools each of which can either be used alone or in combination with each other to create excellent products on the platform.

Application (goods)

Brixby will provide a complete set of custom applications for its services:
· Application for consumers (drivers, renters, etc.);
· Operator applications (rental, parking, car sharing, etc.) for service management;
· Open API for third-party applications.

At the moment, the BIXBY system includes three main business services:
· Parking. This is an opportunity to provide parking spaces directly to interested people;
· Charging of electric vehicles;
· Carsharing. This service allows vehicle owners leasing their cars to other consumers at a time when they do not use them.

The team

There are programmers, managers, lawyers in the project team. As advisors of the project are the founder of Miniapps and the former head of the foreign network of MTS.

Target group

As the target group of the project both the service consumers and the users of services are selected. It is assumed that the franchising program of the project will develop.

Market research

The team refers to a huge number of potential users of platform services mainly appealing to the markets of India and China due to their population which makes up a total of almost 3 billion people.

Looking at these figures of course investors should see absolutely unimaginable prospects for the growth of their well-being. The question is whether someone will let this project go to the different markets (eg. of India or especially China).


This part of the project is described in sufficient detail and represents a schedule for the growth of the project's capitalization in an almost geometric progression, which causes the desire to urgently invest funds.

For example it is indicated that the urban population will grow by 0.7% per year in one of the tables. The increase in the number of municipal parking spaces is also shown. But at the same time such an indicator as the number of municipal parking lots per 1000 people remains unchanged.

The authors of the project assume in particular in the parking segment the growth of its share for about 0.2% per year supposing to reach 1.8% by the 11th year of the work of the platform. This is in case of pessimistic development of the project. The truth is that is not entirely clear which market we are talking about in this case.

It is assumed that the company's revenue in this segment will be 15% of the parking cost.

It is assumed that the project by the end of the third year will reach the breakeven point and from the 4th year will start bringing profit. At the same time the profitability of the project will also grow from 2% at the beginning of the project implementation up to 11% by the end of the 11th year of the work according to the authors of the project.

Project Marketing

It is not clear by what methods the planned increase in the well-being of the project’s authors will be achieved in addition to receiving funds for the ICO as well as the fulfillment of the planned indicators. The methods and means of project promotion are not shown in the description. At the same time for some reason there are references to various parking services, electric-charging stations and carsharing. Apparently they are presented as evidence of the development of these segments of the market. However this is so clear.


For a long time I have not seen such a detailed service description with all its subtleties and nuances, functionality and tables of revenue growth. You can get the idea of ​​the project after reading the WhitePaper but when you read the document to the end the feeling of unfinished action remains. Why? Apparently because there is a lot of detailed information about the platform functionality, the prospects for growth of carsharing and parking the market as well as the prospects for the charging stations for electric vehicles development. But there is no definitive understanding why in fact it is necessary to invest in this project. Because there are no clearly prescribed real market competitive advantages over existing services, which do not yet use blockchain technology in their business.

And what prevents the company Uber or to incorporate the blockchain technology? Looks that time has not come yet.

Thus, we did not have an unequivocal opinion on the need to invest in this project which is however no worse than the rest and even surpasses many other due to more detailed description of its functionality.

Description of the project Brixby ICO

Brixby is a blockchain based decentralized platform that serves as a marketplace for local transportation services: ticket sales, parking, electric vehicle charging, rent, etc. The platform presents three apps: consumer apps for drivers and renters; operator apps for rentals, parking, car sharing, etc; open API for third parties applications.

Brixby uses Ethereum blockchain. The citizens of the following areas are not capable to buy Brixby tokens: USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Canada, China, Singapore, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North and South Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen, or Zambia. For more information please visit the official website:


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