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efficiently extract of noble and rare metals, silicon oxides, aluminum and iron from man-caused waste
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Description of the project Angenium

Goal and Purpose of the Project

Fund-raising for the construction of a plant extracting precious and rare metals out of man-made waste (pyrite cinders), recycling ash and slag waste and the producing silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide, iron oxide.

Mission of the Project

The ecological situation improvement (the release of tens of thousands of hectares of the territories which have been

irretrievably lost under the waste), efficient, non-waste closed type production. Extraction and production of useful

materials from the waste, in particular precious metals (gold and metals of the platinum group), silicon dioxide,

aluminium oxide, iron oxide out of ash and slag waste (ASH) and pyrite cinders.

Blockchain Technology

All the enterprises included in the project will use tokens for internal transactions.

On the basis of blockchain a roster for certifying of every party of goods including the history of transactions related to them.

When purchasing products of the project using tokens, the buyer will be provided with a certifcate for every party of goods, which will be stored in the blockchain network

together with the notes about the transaction.

Tokens of the project (Angenium Coin, abbr. ANG_Coin) will be launched in the ERC20-based Ethereum blockchain.

In total there will be issued 138,000,000 tokens, and 121,440,000 of them will be distributed during the initial offering within the specifed time limits. The remaining 16,560,000 tokens will be distributed for free to the project team and as encouragement (bounty), within people

including third-party contractors.

The minimum required investment (softcap) will amount to 18,509,400 dollars, the maximum bar (hardcup) – to 91,224,900 dollars. The nominal value of 1 Angenium Coin accounts for $1.

The price of the token will be determined including discounts depending on the stage of sale.

All the unsold tokens will be removed from circulation. In case the revenue from the tokens sale is less than $

18,509,400 and the received amount is not enough to launch the project, all the funds will be returned to investors.

Repayment of tokens held by the investors will be carried out according to the payment plan chosen at the purchase (see "Tokens Repayment" section).

Tokens Repayment

The project is expected to attract investors funds within ICO. The funds are attracted for a certain period of time. When purchasing, the investor may choose one of two variants of tokens repayment:

  • At the end of the second year since the project launch, he will pass the tokens to the project

company and receive a one-time payment guaranteeing income generation at 100% per annum, independently of the project realization results

  • During the first 5 years since the project launch, investors will receive dividend income amounting to 40% of the net profit (67% per annum according to the business plan) received by the project company, and at the end of the 6th year since the project launch (i.e. after 5 years of receiving the dividends), the project company will buy the tokens back at nominal value


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