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Basic expert assessment of the project Buron ICO


BURON project is developing professional software for mining cryptocurrencies. The software is designed for easy remote management and monitoring of GPU and ASIC miners. BURON provides analytics on all possible indicators of a miner, a pool and third-party services. You can monitor hashrate, temperature and other parameters of mining process.

With the help of Buron miners will be able to receive operational statistics, notifications about problems, and manage mining equipment. There is accounting service especially designed for so – called "mining hotels". Miners install equipment from several investors at their territory and receive a percentage of mining operations. In this case, it is extremely important to take into account productiveness of each unit of equipment.

In addition to data collection and analysis, BURON is able to switch between currencies depending on the current exchange rate and launch miners with the necessary settings through a user-friendly graphical interface. The software allows miners to mine directly into their own wallets, without third-party services.

Miners no longer need to install a lot of software, sometimes of dubious origin.

A big plus is the specific niche of this product, which will undoubtedly be of interest to professional miners. But the product is very much dependent on the state of cryptocurrency market, which today is very unstable.

Business Plan

Alpha version of the product was created in December 2017, and now it is possible to test the public beta version. Interestingly, the project has a very long period of crowdsale – from December 2017 to December 2018. The founders of the project openly wrote that they have no other sources of money exept of crowdsale. Accordingly, еhe project is developed as funds become available, and it is quite reasonable. The founders of the project plan to finalize Buron in 2018.

Today tokens sold to the amount of about 33 thousand dollars and tokensale is going on. The amount is poor, but it was enough to develop a beta version of the system.

The cost of using BURON will be 0.5 – 1.5% of miners' income. Service could be paid only with tokens BURC. Accordingly, BURC is utility token.

The team plans to develop its own mining equipment at the expense of funds collected during ICO and gained from BURON service.

Business plan is understandable and appropriate for a project of this scale.

Marketing Strategy

The project does not contain a particular description of marketing strategy. In general, much attention is given to interaction with the target audience, identifying its requests and receiving feedback from it.

1.5% of tokens are intended for bounty program, during which miners will test beta version of the product. Social media activities are as follows:

  • 2 Telegram channels – 273 and 303 members
  • 1 page on BitcoinTalk
  • 392 followers on Facebook and posts gain 100 – 400 likes
  • 359 readers in Twitter and 200-300 likes of each post
  • Only 2 posts on Medium.

If the basis of marketing strategy is to work with the community, then perhaps the project team should strengthen SMM direction.


The team consists of 8 people, 6 of whom have experience in mining and software development. The team also includes marketer and community manager. The experience of the team is described in detail and in general it seems that the team will cope with its small project.

The Vision of the Market

The creators of the project say that the market of high-quality software for cryptocurrency mining has not yet been formed, meanwhile, there is a need for such a product. Probably it is so. But this is only a hypothesis that needs to be tested. Market and competitors research was not carried out, meanwhile the market of mining software is already exist and there are other products.

Understanding of the Target Audience

It is definitely clear that the product is intended for a specific category of consumers – cryptocurrency miners. Miners who are organizing mining hotels are allocated in a separate category . The product has an extremely narrow and specific niche. The creators of BURON argue that it is important for them to identify the most acute needs of miners and encourage them to use beta version of the system.

Competitive Advantage

The main competitive advantage of BURON is that this software allows you to quickly receive actual information about miners proceeding. Quickly changed settings, equipment monitoring. But the project team did not present comparative analysis of characteristics with other software products. Therefore, it is difficult to judge how much the product is better than already existing ones on the market.

Description of the project Buron ICO

Current mining software is not in compliance with miners’ needs. There is no adequate tracking of mining processes, no statistics; in case of an accident miner does not receive a notification or receives it too late. Necessary data is not stored, and hardware management is far from ideal — these are the work conditions of todays miner.

At the same time, BURON is a project of company working on mining software. Its aim is to develop the software allowing to automate the mining process. BURON's user will have an opportunity to set up private mining, to receive important notifications, to manage the equipment and to get cryptocurrencies switched automatically. Its software will be simple in use and design.


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