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Jack J. Bensimon. Token Sales’ Review of the Coming Months


May and June of 2018 are rich in promising ICO projects, which plan to launch token sales before  July. Expert-Coin has selected the most interesting and viable projects in th marketplace.

Various ICO projects aim to make use of blockchain technology, AI and Big Data to solve environmental issues. One such project is Schwachcoin, which promises to bring global waste management to the next level by creating specialized infrastructure for individuals and companies. Another exciting project is Greeneum, which claims to make the world a better place with its energy trading marketplace, clean energy production systems, and several already existing offline projects spanning Israel and Cyprus.

While the platforms above are concerned about real world ecosystems, the CoinJanitor project is concerned with the cleaning up the crypto sphere. This unique platform aims to unlock value trapped in numerous failed cryptocurrencies, to address the issue of the overpopulated crypto world, and to raise awareness concerning future cryptocurrency regulation around the world.

Making the world a better and safe place to live is the aim of many other blockchain-based projects now. One such project is BCharity, one the most prominent platforms of its kind. It aims to connect charitable organizations and individuals from all over the world by offering  a transparent transactions system based on the blockchain, smart contracts and the tokenized economy.  This project has been remarkably well-received in expert crypto circles, and its token pre-sale is well underway. Its ICO is slated for June.

Another notable philanthropic project that aims to launch a token sale soon is Open Source University. The project will offer a transparent system of education and career development for users. The platform will unify academic institutions, business entities, and individuals to create beneficial environments for all three groups. Individual users will access quality educational content, enterprises will secure new recruitment channels, while academic institutions and scientists will be exposed to wider audiences.

The quick and seamless exchange of knowledge is one of the biggest necessities today. There are several projects looking to provide the solution. Anything App, is a knowledge-on-demand platform to enable users to generate income by using their skills and helping other people with them. The platform will provide a search engine for the right specialist and means of communication via messenger, video, and audio calls.

In addition to educational materials, entertainment content is also an important part of the blockchain world. MoviesChain by TVzavr, for example, is a unique and highly differentiated tokenized platform for online video distribution developed by an existing video-on-demand online cinema, TVzavr. It accounted for 30 million unique users per month in 2017, an impressive measure by all counts. By using its proprietary blockchain platform, the company will expand the reach for independent movie producers by giving them exposure to larger and targeted audiences.  This will allow its customers to better market and monetize their online videos while capturing greater market share.

While content distribution is a  new dimension to blockchain technology, its initial fintech base is constantly improving. For example, the Paymon project requires developers to continually contribute to the development of crypto by introducing a new infrastructure for a cryptocurrency exchange that implements tokens in real life. The project will enable easy and quick transfers of liquid and major cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Litecoin (L)) among users through a secured messenger available in beta-version. It also allows a seamless way to exchange crypto  into fiat. This project has attracted $500,000 USD of investment capital from FinShi Capital, a venture capital investment fund. 

Jack J. Bensimon

Regulatory Compliance Advisor