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Analysis of ICO ZAZA



ZAZA will be a social network for businesses, designed for connecting businesses, making advertisement and marketing less expensive than existing, executing deals using smart contracts in ZAZA platform. ZAZA token will be used as internal currency in this ecosystem, and platform will generate revenue from these services:

  • Featured business account
  • Featured Advertisement
  • Banner Advertising
  • Smart contract services, with 1% fee from each deal.

Features were not presented in WP or website.

Additionally, there will be a system of rewarding businesses and individual users for social and business activity by ZAZA tokens (without details of activity estimation) and cashback system.

In other words, ZAZA will be a social network like Facebook with strong business components, but without any features which will make its usage more special than FB and its system of business pages, communities and target advertisement.

First launch of platform will be performed in Q1 2019 and after that will be expanded for Europe in Q3 2019, North America Q1 2020 etc. There will be no MVP shown, according the roadmap presented.

Business Plan

There will be 53% of tokens distributed on market. Founders, team, developers and bounty will receive 22% of tokens without any blocking time, so it may cause fall of the price after ICO. 70% of funds received will be used on PR and marketing, 15% on product support, and there is no information about product development expenses – despite of MVP absence.

Marketing Strategy

Founders plan to use 70% of funds received to marketing purposes, establishing partnerships etc without any details. There are plans to acquire 3 million business users in 36 months, which looks very ambitious.


Team are managed by family of Zhazira & Arsen Lepess – entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan no based in Dubai (UAE) with real LinkedIn profiles and proven previous work experience. But team has no selected marketing and financial persons, and its advisors board consists only 2 persons – ICOBox marketing analyst and Evareium founder.

The Vision of the Market

The platform is positioning as a solution for any business, so there is no market presentation – only estimation of number of small and medium businesses registered (200 million for all over the world; 350 k – for UAE).

Understanding of the Target Audience

The project target audience is, according the WP, all business community of countries where the project will be promoted (with start in UAE).

Competitive Advantage

The product has usual blockchain product competitive advantage – low transaction fees, but it is no more than usual social network with token implementation. There is no comparing with Facebook and other social networks were presented.


Project strong sides: team with experience in entrepreneurship.

Project weak sides: non-original idea, absence of clear business plan and marketing research and strategy; no plans to develop the product.

So our position is negative.