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Analysis of ICO xDAC



The xDAC project offers the infrastructure to create Decentralised Autonomous Companies for business. This infrastructure will be used as a state regulator and banking system, and will provide tools for management. Digital decentralized organizations will be able to launch business, all processes of which are transparent. Transparency of doing business should gain confidence of business partners and investors.

In particular, the xDAC project offers two key services: dispute resolution and seamless and payment processing. The target audience of xDAC is primarily ICO startups, which have appeared in the last couple of years.

The idea of the project is quite original. xDAC is something like a new platform for launching and supporting ICO projects. Perhaps ICO startups will be interested in the new opportunities of xDAC. But there are some doubts about crowdfunding model, as the project is focused on B2B audience.

Business plan

The soft cap is set at 1,500 ETH; hard cap is set at 35,500 ETH.

xDAC development and testing will begin in August 2018. The beta version of the platform will be released in January 2019.

XDAC token will be used to make transactions inside the platform.

xDAC platform will earn on transformation fees, exchange fees, and fees for token creation etc.

The business plan is more like a sketch.

Marketing Strategy

The project doesn't have a holistic marketing strategy. Only bounty program and the availability of social networks accounts can be noted. However, this is related more to the promotion of ICO than to the product.


The team consists of 7 people experienced in creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Companies, blockchain development, marketing.

The experience of the team is not described in detail; it is difficult to judge the cohesion and competence of the team.

The Vision of the Market

The founders of the project have not performed any market studies that are related to their project.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of xDAC is ICO startups primarily, which appeared in the last couple of years. The project may also be of interest to developers offering various services for online business (trading and SEO bots, for example).

Detailed description of the target audience is missed.

Competitive Advantage

The project is very difficult to compare with any analogues. Perhaps there is some competition with the Ethereum platform. The founders of the project should focus on the advantages of the project in comparison with the traditional ways of organizing and managing ICO-startups.


The strength of the xDAC project lies in its original idea of Decentralised Autonomous Companies for business.

But the project has too many weaknesses:

  • No market vision and marketing strategy
  • No well thought-out business plan
  • No comparison with competitors.