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Analysis of ICO White Rabbit



White Rabbit is a project designed to restart the business model of the film and series industry. Now users are limited in the choice of content, and producers and film creators  get revenue after months.

White Rabbit is developing a browser plugin that provides users with a wide range of content, and producers and creators of films and series will be able to receive revenue immediately. Streaming channels connected to White Rabbit will also receive a share of revenue. Pirate streaming channels will be able to legalize themselves. Fans of the films, creators and producers will be able to interact directly with each other. The level of involvement of the audience will increase. Also, producers will be able to receive non-personalized data about viewers and use them in their business model.

The idea is good, especially for the audience. But with the current situetion, the main share of revenue is received by streaming sites (for example, Netflix). It is unlikely that they will want to enter into a partnership with White Rabbit and blur its target audience giving it a wider choice.

Business plan

Soft cap is 5,000 ETH, medium target is 12,500 ETH, Hard cap is 25,000 ETH.

MVP should appear in the second quarter of 2018. Alpha version of White Rabbit will appear in the 3rd quarter of 2018, the Beta version will be available in the 4th quarte 2018r, and the full launch of White Rabbit will take place in the 1st quarter of 2019.

White Rabbit plans to set the following prices: $ 2 per film and $ 1 per episode. Calculations of the users savings compared to the expenses for subscription streaming channels are given in the White Paper.

Revenue will be distributed as follows:

  • 75% to Content rights holders (producers, studios, sales agents or creators)
  • 15% to White Rabbit
  • 10% to Streaming Sites Partner sites or non - registered Partner Streaming Sites 5% with the remaining 5% to the White Rabbit.

The business plan looks quite clear and understandable.

Marketing Strategy

According to the founders of the project, their main goal is to change the film industry.

White Rabbit marketing strategy combines the following elements:

  • PR-activity (interaction with the media, community)
  • Partnership with Streaming Sites.

However, there are big doubts whether the streaming sites will want to enter into a partnership, which, in fact, leads to a redistribution of the existing market.


The project team consists of 7 people with experience in entrepreneurship, film industry, IT-industry, marketing and finance, blockchain development and web development. In general, the team experience looks quite sufficient for the development of the project.

The Vision of the Market

The founders of the project provide some data on streaming market: the number of viewers, data on the expenses of americans viewers.

Also  data on Netflix, PopcornTime, Youtube, HBO and some data on film piracy are given.

White Rabbit sees its chance in giving users more options to choose content.

The project team has a vision of the market. But according to experts of Expert-coin rating, White Rabbit is too optimistic about its chances to change this market.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of the project is all the participants of the film industry and viewers. The market overview provides data on the streaming industry in the United States. Most likely, the project is focused primarily on the US market.

A detailed description of the target audience is not provided.

Competitive Advantage

The founders of the project believe that White Rabbit will change the existing business model of the film industry. White Rabbit is primarily beneficial to the audience, who will get more opportunities to choose content and will be able to spend less money on watching films than when subscribing to streaming channels. Content rights holders will also get an advantage by receiving revenue without delay. White Rabbit, in fact, takes away market share from streaming channels, which are desired to become partners at the same time. Since the partnership with streaming sites is at the heart of the project, it is unlikely that competitive advantages for the rest of the industry are important.


The White Rabbit project has a couple of strengths:

  • Clear business plan
  • Team members have experience in film industry.

Disadvantages of the project are as follows:

  • The controversial concept of the product
  • There is no clear vision of the target audience.