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Analysis of ICO WHEN Token



WhenHub will be a platform for connecting people to experts of all kinds via video or two-side streams, text messaging or in person. According the WP presentation, this platform will solve the main issues of small consulting market:

  • Payment Friction – complicated process of invoicing, payment and, in case of different countries of consumer and consultant – international payment process with currency conversion on different rates
  • Pricing – how the consultant should price his services being not very expensive, at one side, and not sufficiently lower than average market price
  • Reputation and Trust – consumer needs in verification of the consultant’s skills and professional reputation.

This means that WhenHub will be a freelancers platform with extended way of communication between customer and consultant. 

Beta version (MVP) is available in AppStore and Google Play. Roadmap was not presented, so there are no clear date of beta stages or full release.

Business Plan

There is no business plan presented in WP. The project will have revenue as a fee from each transaction, but there are no ways presented why the consumer and the consultant, after establishing initial contact and possibly make a first transaction, will not have a direct contact and payments without usage of the platform.

40% of tokens will be sold during ICO, 30% will be used for future development and as incentives for team; these tokens will be locked on 1 year. 26% will be used for supporting community. 30% of funds received during ICO will be used on product development, and 20% will be used for marketing.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy was presented in WP.


Team looks well balanced and having filled all positions needed for successful project start, despite of financial position: management, marketing, IT and blockchain/ICO advisors. Additionally, Quin Harker has a proved achievements as serial entrepreneur.

The Vision of the Market

WP contains description of market segmentation: types of consultants with estimation of market segment and number of professionals, consulting categories, US market volume estimation.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of project consists from two big categories:

  • Consultants – this category descripted very well, with estimation of segmentation, number of professionals related to each segment, market volume and trends
  • Customers – this category has no reflection in project’s WP despite of it will be the main source of project revenues.

Competitive Advantage

WP contains presentation of freelance consulting issues and ways for their solution provided by the project. But there is no information about existing services (like and ways for solving these issues by them. Possibly the main advantages of the project over existing solutions are blockchain-based reputation system based on all previous actions, and cryptocurrency with its fast and cheap transactions as internal project currency.


Project strong sides: strong team and good understanding of US consulting market; existing MVP.

Project weak sides: lack of business plan, marketing strategy and clear project roadmap.

So our position is negative.