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Analysis of ICO W12



W12 is proposed as a platform for securing investments on early stages. Platform allows investors to return up to 95% in case of unrealized projects, and projects – to quickly attract investments (not only from ICO but from private investors, funds etc.). Platform allows services which, according founders’ opinion, yield of investments will increase, and risks will decrease for both parties – investor and project. W12 offers tokenization of project with usage its secured standard. So, W12 token will be used in a smart contract for storing the funds raised by projects, as a kind of escrowing.

Also, W12 will provide fully infrastructure for investing in projects:

  • Marketplace for project founders, investors and expert/analysts
  • Rewarding system for users participating in referral program
  • Decentralized exchange
  • PAMM accounts for lazy investors who want to copying somebody’s successful strategies.

There is MVP presented on website. Product will be released partially during Q3 2018 – Q1 2019, with final releasing of PAMM accounts service.

Business Plan

WP contains detailed business plan of the project, with detailed list of income key sources (commission from funds raised, paid services like advertising or premium placement, exchange service fees, PAMM usage commissions. Also there is projected revenue in 2019 – 2021 years with plans to conquer from 3% to 6% of ICO market volume. WP contains plans to funds received allocation in different cases of funds received – from USD 5 million to USD 20+ million.

There will be 60% of tokens sold during crowdsale, and only 15% will belong to team and advisors.

So, this project have detailed and well-prepared business plan, which makes it interesting for potential investors.

Marketing Strategy

Despite of deep analysis of ICO market, it issues and ways to solve them using W12 product, WP contains no detailed marketing strategy – only brief information about rewards for participation in referral program.


Team looks professional, well-balanced on all axis (including blockchain, marketing, management, finance, IT), and have experience of successful startups. Advisors board looks more star than real effective in developing project.

The Vision of the Market

Founders show brilliant understanding of ICO market, its trends, volume and existing issues. Main issues from investor’s point of view are:

  • Risk of losing all funds in case of project fall
  • Token price fall in a few days after introducing in exchange
  • Lack of trustful project information
  • Difficult mechanism to buy multiple tokens of different projects.

From ICO point of view there are these issues marked by founders:

  • Large cost of ICO processing
  • Difficult to find employees, experts, advisors
  • Difficult to test an idea before starting ICO.
  • So, the W12 can solve all these issues, according the position of founders.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience of project is all participants of ICO process – project founders, investors, experts. Project is planning to hold 3-6% of market volume, which is realistic purpose.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantages of project are secured ecosystem for investors, simplified ICO process for founders (including Sandbox for testing project idea via receiving feedback from community for rewarding), and marketplace for experts, advisors and other professional participants of ICO market.


Project strong sides: well-done business plan, market analysis and understanding of market issues; strong team.

Project weak sides: lack of marketing strategy.

So our position is positive.