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Analysis of ICO Vanig



Vanig is a blockchain-based product designed for supply chain management. It is an integrated solution of e-commerce and supply chain. Founders believe that this product can make supply chains more transparent, and more direct from point of view of final customer – i.e. the product can reduce number of middlemen between manufacturer and e-shop and final consumer.

Vanig also will provide provenance information about its goods, so it makes the product more trustful for customer; and Vanig will help consumer in direct tracking of their supplies – it will use RFID sensors with data translated in blockchain database.

Vanig tokens will be used as preferable, but not single internal currency. Additionally, it will be a reward tool for buyers.

Vanig MVP is available on product’s website. Alpha version will be launched in December 2018; full release will be performed in June 2019. Its Telegram channel has more than 19K followers.

Business Plan

WP contains basic information of token economics (63% will be sold on open market; 20% will be used for team, advisors and legal with lock up to 24 months; all unsold tokens will be burned) and funds usage map (30% for business development; 30% for marketing and sales). So, with paying attention to more than 19K followers in Telegram channel, the product has a good chance to having X after ICO.

Additionally to WP, there is existing Business Model document which contains detailed financial model of project, launch plan and competitors analysis.

Marketing Strategy

Project has well-described marketing strategy with selected initial market, bounties for ICO and detailed rewards program for actions during working period of product (1st use, making reviews, listngs; different consumer statuses etc).


Team presented on website looks professional, well-balanced and having marketing, management and IT professionals. Deep check of both founders’ LinkedIn profiles shows suspicious thing: they are unverifiable, i.e. there are no confirmations of their previous experience (like recommendations from these workplaces) and no confirmations of listed skills.

Advisors team looks professional and some of them have confirmation of partnership with Vanig in their LinkedIn profiles

The Vision of the Market

WP contains a brief information of online sales market volume (global and divided on different countries with selecting project’s initial market countries (ASEAN – top countries of East Asia). Business Model contains detailed analysis of competitors, risks and threats, SWOT analysis of the project. Main competitor of the project are:, TMall,,

Understanding of the Target Audience

The initial market of Vanig will be East Asia market because founders believe that there will be demographic boom and increase of e-commerce volume. Target audience of the project will be middle-class related and internet active person. Middle class population will be estimated as 400 million in 2020 (190 in 2012) and total number of internet users in 2025 will be 600 million (200 in 2012).

Competitive Advantage

Vanig will have these advantages over existing competitiors:

  • Fees and commissions will be less than existing because of project’s blockchain nature
  • Payment cycle will be shorter because of cryptocurrencies usage
  • Sellers will be verified and all goods movement will be trackable.


Project strong sides: interesting and useful idea; detailed financial projections; well-analyzed market and marketing strategy; proved advisors.

Project weak sides: suspicious founders’ LinkedIn profiles.

So our position is positive.