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Analysis of ICO United Fans



United Fans is a platform created for football fans and club managements worldwide.

Project team intends to provide fans and football team management with the ability to interact, vote or raise funds through a platform that will increase collaboration and strengthen the football community.

Blockchain technology gives fans the possibility to own and manage their team. Fans can vote on important issues, raise capital for a variety of purposes, or buy tickets and even reward their favorite player after a great game.

The founders of the project see their chance in the current situation. Football fans don’t have a platform through which they can be involved in decision-making, providing support or having ownership of their teams. On the other hand, a lot of club boards are frustrated that their professional and financial efforts are not appreciated by fans.

Football fans are considered as a huge and very active community. The task of the United Fans project is to channel the energy of this community into a creative way, to give fans the opportunity not only to joy in the success of their favorite teams, but also to actively participate in their life, to create and manage their own football teams.

The project is very unusual and interesting. And it is likely that it will arouse the interest of many active football fans. Some attempts by fans to actively participate in the life of football teams have already taken place, but the United Fans project offers a better way to unite football fans.

Business plan

MVP release is scheduled for October 2018. Further development of the platform is planned up to March 2019.

Soft Cap is 300,000 USD; hard Cap is 6,000,000 USD.

Token allocation:

  •         Token sale 65%
  •         Reserve 20%
  •         Team 10%
  •         Bounty 3%
  •         Advisors 2%.

Fund allocation:

  •         Development & Dapp implementation 35%
  •         Marketing and sales 15%
  •         Acquisitions & Partnerships 15%
  •         International expansion 10%
  •         Admin & operations 10%
  •         Reserve fund & unexpected expenses 10%
  •         Legal & accounting 5%.

GOAL token is a utility token. It could be used for decentralized communication and interaction between all sides. Using tokens fans will be able to reward players, finance their favorite teams, buy tickets, take part in team management, etc.

There will be three major sources of income:

  • United Fans will charge a percentage commission for every transaction
  • Ecommerce. A percentage fee will be charged for each item of merchandise sold through the platform (tickets, shirts, etc)
  • United Fans will charge a percentage commission of the total capital raised.

The business plan looks quite clear and adequate.

Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately, nothing has been said about the marketing strategy. The White Paper only mentions that higher % will be allocated to marketing to generate awareness of United Fans business model.


One of the founders of the project (Niv Tel) is an ex-player of the Israeli football team. When his former team was on the verge of bankruptcy because of the owners ' refusal to invest in it, the fans decided to take the initiative into their hands. They asked Niv Tel to establish a non-profit organization to support the football team. The organization managed to save the team by buying shares from its owners. This experience is very useful for the United Fans project. The other 11 members of the team have experience in finance, marketing, development, blockchain technologies. The experience of the team looks relevant enough for the project, although not disclosed in detail.

The Vision of the Market

Football is not just sport and entertainment, but it is a very serious business. The founders of the project are well aware of it and provide detailed data on the number of football fans, the capital of 10 leading football teams, the number of football players around the world, etc. There are very interesting examples of fan owned clubs. Shares of some major football clubs are even traded on stock exchanges.

The initiative to create the United Fans platform looks quite convincing against this background.

Understanding of the Target Audience

There are no difficulties in understanding of the target audience in this project. The target audience is football fans all over the world. The issues of concern to football fans and their solutions via United Fans are described in detail in the White Paper. It seems that the founders of the project understand their target audience very well.

Competitive Advantage

The founders of United Fans consider their project unique.

In their opinion, the crowdsale feathers is what makes United Fans platform so unique.

The founders of the project say that they are not aware of similar platforms and consider themselves the pioneers in this fi­eld. They intend to become a standard of choice for football fans worldwide.

Perhaps there is really no direct competition in this area, because the project arose not only because of the desire to make a profit, but also because of the enthusiasm of its founders.


The project United Fans has several strengths:

  • Original concept of the project
  • Detailed vision of the market
  • Adequate business plan.

The weak side of the project is the lack of marketing strategy.