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Analysis of ICO Unboxed



Briefly, Unboxed is a social networking product using which brands can pay directly to users for their posting brand related content, and their friends for engagement with these posts. In details, Brands send their funds to Unboxed escrowed wallets; AI-powered system and marketing experts selects Unboxed users (Unboxers) who potentially can create an influencing content.

On the next step, Unboxed marketing experts are approving content, and after that all marketing experts and users are being rewarded from Unboxed wallet.

In 2015, this project received funds from 12 angel investors; MVP was shown in 2016, and in 2018 fully functional product was developed. ICO is the way to a global expansion to 100+ countries.

Token will be used as internal currency; users and experts will receive their rewards in tokens.

Business Plan

WP presents funds received distribution (40% will be used for development; 40% - for marketing purposes), team structure and plans to revenue and team growth (now team have 22 members and plans to having USD 1.5 million in 2018; and in 2022 it will have 125 members and USD 21 million yearly revenue). No expenses structure was presented.

During ICO, there will be 51% tokens sold, 19% hold by team (and locked on 1 year) and only 5% used for airdrops and bounty. So, it has a good chance to having nice x after ICO.

Marketing Strategy

No clear marketing strategy presented – but because now it is working product, with funds raised it with high probability will not have large issues with scaling itself on new markets.


Team is well balanced and presented, made working product and they are participating in blockchain events.

The Vision of the Market

WP presented brief information about ads market volume and some segmentation. And looks like project team has a real experience on this market because a working product.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience consists from all advertisers and social network users. There are main brands listed as partners of project, but all of them are without any proofs.

Competitive Advantage

WP contains comparing with FB Ads and popular online marketing tools like ‘influencer marketing’. Comparing looks reasonable and clear.


Project strong sides: existing product; understanding the business plan and market information.

Project weak sides: lack of detailed marketing strategy.

So our position is positive.