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Analysis of ICO UBEX



Ubex will be a blockchain-powered online advertisement system with usage of neural networks alogorithms. According the presentation, it will solve these existing issues of online advertisement market:

  • High commissions – by using blockchain technologies and reducing intermediate participants’ number
  • Risk of fraud – will be reduced by saving all user actions in blochainck
  • Ineffective targeting – targeting will be improved by usage of neural networks.

Additionally, neural networks will optimize slot load cost, debts and traffic management. Unfortunately, there are no clear explaination how neural networks algorithms can improve analysis efficiency and why founders are planning to use only neural networking.

MVP is existing, beta version will be presented in January 2019, and full version will be released in March 2019.

Business Plan

WP contains no financial model or business plan information. Despite of this, soft cap was reached (according the information provided by company itself) in one-day May 21st.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy was presented in WP.


Team listed contains 39 members (including 7 advisors). Most of them have links to realistic LinkedIn profiles, and there are proofs of advisors’ real participation in project. In May-June team participated in blockchain events.

The Vision of the Market

Project team shows deep understanding of its market and competitors, which was presented in WP. There were presented information of all market volume, its segmentation, main competitors, market structure and forecasts.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of project consists from advertisers and publishers of online advertisements. WP contains analysis of their needs and ways how the project can solve their issues better than existing products.

Competitive Advantage

WP contains deep analysis of competitive advantages of project over existing online advertisement solutions. Unfortunately, they cannot be proved because there are only MVP existing.


Project strong sides: detailed market analysis (including analysis of competitors), having 25K followers on Telegram channel and soft cap reached in one day; interesting and perspective idea; strong team.

Project weak sides: lack of business plan and marketing strategy.

So our position is positive.