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Analysis of ICO Triwer



Triwer is an application for organizing express delivery of goods. As the founders of the project say it is something like Uber, but for logistics. The potential audience of the Triwer platform is online shops, transport companies, drivers and consumers.

Using Triwer you can choose the best route and track the delivery of parcels online, as well as interact with the driver. Triwer platform should solve the problem of lack of transport, lack of capacity or irrational use of capacity.

However, the project should also have an" offline " part. Who will pack and sort packages, solve unexpected situations with the breakdown of transport, delivery delay, etc.? Blockchain and smart contracts are not enough there.

Business plan

Triwer launch will take place in Norway and Sweden in august 2018, and then in other countries in Europe, Asia, as well as in the United States.

Soft cap of the project is set at $ 5 million, hard cap is set at $ 25 million.

Triwer expects to capture at least 1% of the European express delivery market and receive 37.5 million Euros annually. The main source of income will be commission for the services of the platform.

The business plan clearly needs further elaboration.

Marketing Strategy

Partnership with online retailers and logistics companies is mentioned as separate elements of the marketing strategy. To promote the ICO, the part of the tokens is planned to be spent on the bounty program. The project doesn't have a full marketing strategy.


Team members have experience in entrepreneurship, consulting, blockchain development, finance, business development, marketing, IT-engineering, security. There are 12 people in the team, but no one has serious experience in logistics and transport companies.

The Vision of the Market

The founders of the project believe that the express delivery market has the potential for growth due to the growth of the e-commerce market. First of all, Triwer is focused on the European market, in which relation the figures for growth of B2C and C2X segments since 2010 and the forecast until 2020 are given. However, a detailed study of the market and competitors haven't been carried out.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of Triwer is transport logistics companies, truck drivers, shippers and receivers of goods. Triwer is geographically focused on Europe in the first place. However, there is no detailed description of the target audience segments in the White Paper.

Competitive Advantage

Triwer founders consider the competitive advantages of the product in the following:

  • Triwer will allow you to control the process of parcels delivery better tracking them in real time
  • Lower shipping costs compared to traditional transport companies
  • The use of blockchain will release you from paperwork and unnecessary administrative costs.

Indeed, these innovations could become competitive advantages if the founders of the project have considered not only the online part of the project.


The Triwer project has the following advantages:

  • Promising product idea
  • Growing market
  • Highlighted competitive advantages of the product.

The disadvantages of the Triwer project:

  • Lack of marketing strategy
  • Poorly designed business plan
  • Detailed analysis of the market, competitors and the target audience haven't been conducted.