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Analysis of ICO Tradelize



ICO dates:  29.05.2018 - 30.06.2018.

Tradelize is a number of services for crypto-investors which help them to improve effectiveness of their investments. It gives users ability to copy successful strategies and portfolios. There will be these instruments in ecosystem to make this possible:

  • Tradelize.terminal – direct market access (DMA) solution for cryptocurrency traders with usage tools from mature capital markets
  • Tradelize.brokerage – solution for trading with multiple exchanges and markets
  • Tradelize.web – tool for investors which gives access to rating of traders based on many criteria, and copy their strategy on the market (most close example – PAMM accounts). It contains two parts described below: Tradelize.score and Tradelize Account Management
  • Tradelize.score – will acquire statistics of cryptocurrency traders. After first two months trading statistics will be gathered and most profitable traders will be selected. Data will flow not only from Tradelize.terminal but from many accounts on different trading systems.
  • Tradelize Account Management – tool for investors who need in ultimate control of their investment process and its results: reports, statistics, portfolio management for assets and traders’ strategies. Investors can make their own strategy or copy market behavior of one or several traders.

Demo launch and beta testing of Tradelize.terminal was performed at Q4 2017. Final launch will be performed at Q3-Q4 2018.

Business Plan

According the WP, there is only hard cap pointed – USD 30 million. Founders didn’t give information what they plan to do in they receive fuds lower this hard cap, and it looks suspicious, according the opinion of analysts.
WP presents this distribution of tokens issued:

  • 50% - Token sale
  • 20% - Team, advisors, Token Sale incentives
  • 20% - Partnerships, i.e. exchanges, trading companies, pooling funds and all others who will have a participation in information flows and other organizational issues for crypto-trading processes
  • 10% - Reserves.

Funds received will be disturbed according this principle:

  • 80% - for traders’ management for filling statistics of Tradelize.score for first 2 months.
  • 10% - Marketing & sales
  • 10% - Current operations.

Make notes that there is completely no plans to develop system despite of there will be no release at moment of finishing ICO. Maybe it means that system will be fully complete and needs only in statistics of traders and connection to crypto-market trading places for performing operations, but, according opinion of researchers, it is very suspicious.

Business model provides two types of revelue:

  • Trade fees based on monthly trading volume
  • 10% profit-based fees generated on copy trading

Also WP contains forecasting of main parameters in best case and worst case which, according analysts opinion, may show that founders make deep research of their business-plan.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is described not so deeply as business plan and forecasted parameters. It looks like the main marketing instrument will be allocation of 80% funds received to traders for portfolio management. Other instruments are very simple: social media marketing, events marketing, community management etc.


Founder Anton Zapolskyi is trader with 10-year experience and co-founder of several start-ups. Other team members are persons from IT and trading spheres with real and live LinkedIn profiles. Advisors team are 3 persons: one from venture fund, second and third are ICO consulting business, which possibly means that founder is very interesting in successful ICO and capital works. So the team looks professional, well balanced and possibly can make product efficient.

The Vision of the Market

WP presents the brief review of crypto-investing market and its issues and advantages– high volatility, 24/7 working, low fees and small (compared with other markets such as FOREX, NYSE or NASDAQ) trading volume of UAS 12 billion per day (FOREX – USD 5 trillion per day). Professional traders on this market meet lack of useful trading tools and incompatible functionality of crypto-exchanges.

So, the crypto-market needs in tools which:

  • Can help professional trader in gathering universal access to crypto-market on different exchanges and with useful analysis tools
  • Can help an investor to choose comfortable levels of risk-and return.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience of the product have different groups:

  • Professional traders who need trading and analytical tools with maximum functions and with access to different trading places
  • Investors who wants to manage their portfolio using their own strategy but have a statistics and analysis of successful trading
  • Lay investors who believes one or more professional traders and wants just to copy their success for acceptable price. On FOREX market investors of this kind may use PAMM accounts but crypto-market have no direct analogues of this tool.

Competitive Advantage

According the opinion of researchers, Tradelize have these competitive advantages:

  • It is useful either for professional trader/cryptoinvestor or beginner/lay investor.
  • It gives to professional trader a useful tool with a wide range of instruments and analytics – like a trader terminal on real market
  • It gives to institution (crypto-exchange, pooling fund etc.) access to a new investments came from Tradelize customers – lay investors and other persons who now either have no access to crypto-market or have a fear because of high market volatility.

So, the product has advantages for all market participants.


Project strong sides: detailed business plan, very useful concept with working analogues on FOREX, advantages for all crypto-market participants, deep knowledge of crypto-investing issues and ways to their solution.

Project weak sides: no funds received planned to development; only hard cap described in project documentation.

So our position is positive.