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Analysis of ICO Ternio



Ternio is blockchain-powered online advertising system with increased anti-fraud security. According the WP, Ternio will shorten the way from advertiser to publisher and because of this, will make advertisement less expensive and more efficient.

Founders believe that their product will make online advertisement campaigns more auditable, more verifiable and because of this more useful than existing systems. But there are no proofs of this and completely no MVP shown – just concept only.

Business Plan

No business plan presented at WP or other materials – just usage of funds planned to receive during ICO (33% on marketing and just 14% on research and development, despite of there is no MVP now and final release is Q1 2019). It may be a scam project sign.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy based on two usual positions – referral program with 5% bonus and bounty program without any details. No more information was given.


Only three managers were presented as a project team.

The Vision of the Market

No market estimation or real needs of online advertisement market were presented. No one word about online advertisement giants like Google or Facebook and their campaign tools like Google Analytics that completely solves issues described in WP – anti-fraud checking; direct campaigns; cost verification.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Founder didn’t gave a target audience description. Online advertisement in different ways is using by each kind of business, but they use for this well-known tools, and there are no signs that they will go to something new.

Competitive Advantage

WP shows that product have completely no advantages to traditional tools.


Project strong sides: no.

Project weak sides: many words about high-tech algorithms in the project, but no market reseadches performed, no business plan, no clear marketing strategy, no product but 33% of funds planned to receive will be sent to marketing and only 14% to development.

So our position is probably scam.