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Analysis of ICO Talao



Talao is a decentralized marketplace based on blockchain. The platform is intended for search of specialists primarily in the industrial and technological sectors.

The aim of the project is to exclude middlemen and commissions from the job/staff search process.

Talent will be able to post their CV and attest his/her reputation and skilles through the community and set filters to view information.

The business will be able to choose certified specialists from a pool of talents.

The platform will provide additional features such as premium status, skills screening, etc.

But all this has long been on the market. Almost every country has local freelance exchanges, and there are international projects. But it is possible that the Talao project will be able to capture the market niche due to some unique features that will attract the target audience.

Business plan

Soft cap is $ 5 million, hard cap is $ 20 million. Tokens will be distributed in the following way:

  • Token sale 67%
  • Ambassador program 10%
  • Founders 8%
  • Cash reserve 7%
  • Shareholders 4%
  • Bounty 2%
  • Advisors 2%.

The funds will be distributed as follows:

  • Software development 31 %
  • Marketing, communication 19%
  • Management, admin, offices 19%
  • Sales 16%
  • Cash reserve 13%
  • Legal & account 2%.

It is impossible to understand what is meant in the project roadmap. The roadmap mentions GAIA, eMindHub. It is not clear how these names relate to the Talao platform. One can guess that the predecessor of Talao was the centralized platform eMindHub.

Talao tokens are utility tokens designed to pay for various services provided by the platform.

The Talao business model is that the basic services for the users will be free, and the payment will be charged only for the additional premium services.

It is assumed that the platform's income will amount to 2% of revenue.

The business plan doesn't look detailed and clear enough.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy looks somewhat blurred. The founders of the project say that they are going to concentrate their efforts on those markets where skilled freelancers are rare. These are the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Energy
  • Greentech & Energy
  • Open Source Committers
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
  • Robotics, AI & Data Science
  • CyberSecurity
  • Marketing Services
  • Fullstack development
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing Services & Digital Commerce.

The founders of the project plan to attract freelancers to the Talao platform using Ambassador program.

Relations with future customers will be built via press, communications and prepaid content.

Further expansion to international blue chips and high technology brands is planned.

The partnership program is also announced.

We can say that the project has adequate marketing strategy but it is not detailed enough.


The project team consists of 5 people experienced in engineering, manufacturing, aerospace industry, development and management of open source projects. The founder of the project already has experience in creating a similar centralized service eMindHub. Unfortunately, the team's experience is not disclosed in sufficient detail to judge its competence.

The Vision of the Market

The project team gives data on the freelance market. For example about 34% of the workforce in the US works as freelancers. The number of freelancers In India is 15 million. The number of freelancers In Europe amounted to 8.9 million people in 2013.

Several of the competitors are mentioned: Upwork, Catalant, GLG and Toptal and an overview of the three types of competitors is provided:

  • Traditional platforms (commission 5 – 20%)
  • Blockchain platforms (commission 3-5 %)
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations based on blockchain (0% commission).

Talao refers itself to the last category.

Data on the amount of investments of several competitors in projects similar to Talao are also presented.

It is very good that the founders of the project understand the market and are aware of competition.

Understanding of the Target Audience

The target audience of the Talao platform is freelancers and companies. However, the target audience hasn't been studied in detail.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantages of Talao are as follows:

  • No commissions for basic services;
  • Freelancers can join in distributed autonomous organizations (DAO) to protect their interests;
  • Freelancers have the opportunity to verify their experience;
  • Free conflict mediation.

These competitive advantages are mainly aimed at freelancers who create the value of the platform. The greatest plus may be 0% of commissions for basic services.


The Talao project has several strengths:

  • Clear vision of the market;
  • Clearly emphasized competitive advantages;
  • Adequate marketing strategy.

However, the project has significant disadvantages:

  • Lack of the target audience analysis;
  • The experience of the project team is not described in detail.