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Analysis of ICO Tag World Exchange



TWEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows anyone to buy and sell TWEX tokens in exchange to alternative cryptocurrencies. Other services provided are: data about products and companies, information about people behind companies. Each TWEX token holder have total access to TWEX’ signals, services, data and analytics. There are 3 major components of the ecosystem: Service Area, Crowd Lending Platform and Hardware Wallet. The blockchain-based platform offers solutions to current issues of crowd lending market: lack of diversification and standardization, non-compliance with present and forecasted regulations.

Business Plan

The business plan is missing several important components like financial plan/projections and marketing plan. There is competitor analysis and detailed description of platform’s architecture and functionality. Token mechanism/distribution and platform model are explained in great details. TWEX tokens are non inflationary as there will be no other issuance. There would be only 500,000,000 tokens issued with potential buyback from management. Profit will be generated in 3 ways: funds derived from the sale of the security device, 0.5% increase of sales of each company paid to TWEX, licensing of TWEX Hardware Wallet by other crypto platforms and banks/governments. 84% of funds will be allocated to investors. The overview of risks connected to differences in regulations of crowd lending markets around the globe is given.

Marketing Strategy

There is no marketing plan; it is mentioned that active social media campaign will be in place to promote an information about platform’s clients to potential investors. The project has accounts on all social media networks, but numbers of followers are very low.


Team is the strongest part of the project. Core team members are professionals from developing, UX/UI design, legal and marketing industries. The board of advisors include experts in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, finance and strategic consulting. There is also board of directors who provide direction and guidance to the organization. Members have expertise in banking, finance, corporate funding, FinTech, business development and ICO.

The Vision of the Market

The market research presented in the White Paper is rather short and there are no data/graphs supporting the findings. On the other hand, the competitor analysis is very extensive. TWEX is compared to two crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter and Indiegogoto. There are 3 categories for evaluation: crowdfunding type, pricing and offers for the trading company.

Understanding of the Target Audience

There are no clear definition or segmentation of target audience. The core issues of the crowd lending market are described in general for all investors out there.

Competitive Advantage

Competitor analysis was conducted in great details and resulted in extensive comparison between three platforms within crowd lending market. There are also explanations about risks connected to TWEX.


Strengths: existing portfolio of ongoing projects; extensive explanations of risks and crowd lending markets regulations in different countries. Working version of the TWEX platform.

Weaknesses: there are mistakes and typos in the White Paper; the WP written in a confusing way, making it difficult to distill core information. The roadmap has little details and not enough milestones. There are no financial projections and marketing plan.