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Analysis of ICO Swachhcoin



Swachhcoin aims to micromanage wastes from households and industries and efficiently convert them into useful products.

As of now, the project plans to delve into green-energy, fertilisers and power generating gases. The goal is to implement a monetary incentivising mechanism where people are rewarded for proper waste management. Another goal is to make waste processing profitable for the waste management industries. Swachhcoin ecosystem includes the following solutions:

  • Swatel - implements Adaptive Intelligence to increase the efficiency of operations (like waste processing)
  • Swata - application of Big Data to logistics
  • Swiot - IoT for remote control of indoor and outdoor waste processing equipment
  • Swbin - innovative waste collection bins.

Business Plan

Business model. Swachhcoin token is at the heart of the project. Product buyer will be able to receive the goods and services produced by the waste processing industries at a cheaper price in tokens. Waste processing industries will use part of the tokens received to award monetary incentive to domestic households as well as sell the other part on the exchanges.

Domestic households will be able to sell their tokens on exchanges as well as use them for various utility purposes offered by Swachhcoin.

Value appreciation. The variety of outputs that will be produced after waste processing will be sold to large scale industries which requires raw materials for goods production. These outputs will be selling in tokens thus offering a cheaper price.

Marketing Strategy

The team is very active on all social media platforms, numbers of followers are relatively high. The press coverage is sufficient. Swachhcoin has Coinwolf and Blockchain India as press/media partners.


The team has specialists from IT and engineering, marketing and communication, blockchain and big data development.

The Vision of the Market

Market research is rather detailed, data is supported by graphs and stats. Industry problems are identified and explained.

Among problems are: excessive waste generation, toxicity, mismanagement etc. The challenges which Swachhcoin will face are also listed: the adoption of the platform will require lots of collaborations with private and government entities; the technological upgrade of the industry will require significant capital investment; some of the tech products created by the company are too advanced and were not tested yet.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Households and industries, developers (to manage create Swachhcoin tools and products), government entities.

Competitive Advantage

The WP acknowledges the existence of other waste management platforms (without naming them), but claims that Swachhcoin has the following advantages:

  • Monetary incentives to manage waste (whereas, traditionally, people have to pay for their waste to be collected from them)
  • The range of outputs produced after processing the waste are over 20
  • Leveraging four most advanced technologies: AI, Big Data, IoT and blockchain
  • Freedom to sell and buy produced outputs in fiat and tokens
  • Apart from profit making business model, the platform establishes a philanthropy mechanism.


Strengths: philanthropy program. Grounded explanations of the idea behind the project and how business model will function. Good knowledge of industry.

Weaknesses: no financial plan/projections, no marketing plan, no detailed competitor analysis. Not all team members could be verified on LinkedIn, there are lots of advisors but there are no profiles on company’s website. Numerous challenges which every innovative product will face.