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Analysis of ICO Superset



Superset is a tool for creating smart contracts using plain English language. Before starting execution, user can test his smart contract and look for all possible mistakes in it. Also, user can make his contract private or public; public contract will be sent to newsfeed for ranking by system core and other users. Additionally, Superset have an algorithm for recognizing images using its description on plain English language.

According the WP, Superset have a connection with external services like Instagram, Google Drive, Salesforce etc. SUPER token will be user is internal currency of a project. Also, Superset will have an option to create ICOs, automated companies etc. with only a description in plain English. MVP will be released at Q2 2018, full version – at Q3-Q4 2018 without any pointed dates. Additionally, natural language processing is one of the most complicated tasks in programming, and there are no AI details presented in WP or other materials.

Business Plan

Business plan was not presented in the WP, only plans of token distribution (30% to sale, 15% for team with blocking on 4 years with 1/tokens became available every year starting after 4-month period after ending of token sale). This means that first ¼ of team’s tokens will be available for sale possibly before final release of the product, which make this project riskier.

Funds received will be distributed so:

  • 40% - project developmet
  • 35% - marketing.

No more information was presented in WP.

Marketing Strategy

No marketing strategy or other details were presented in WP, and there are no sales plans at all.


Team looks professional; team founder’s previous startups are looking healthy in internet. But there are no blockchain experts or finance professionals in team.

The Vision of the Market

No marketing information was presented in WP, despite of marketing positions presents in the team.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Probably the potential target audience are all e-commerce enterprises or, more pessimistically, all cryptocurrencies’ users. But there are no estimations of market volume in any measures.

Competitive Advantage

The main competitive advantage of the project is natural language usage which makes smart contracts useful for all interested users, not only for computer geeks.


Project strong sides: amazing idea of natural language usage for smart contract; string team with successful AI projects.

Project weak sides: there are no details of AI description despite of natural language processing is one of the most complicated issues in programming; also there is lack of business plan and marketing details of the project; first tokens owed by team will be possible to sale before final release.

So our position is neutral.