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Analysis of ICO Squeezer



Squeezer is platform designed for software developers who want to create blockchain applications. This platform will use microservice platforms such as Google Cloud Functions. Combination of microservices and blockchain enables to create scalable solutions for any enterprises, any level. This solution allows creation of simple interface which enables software developers to create blockchain operations without deep involving to blockchain core. Squeezer platform will support usage of many code repositories. 

Squeezer will be work on Function as a Service principle which means charging fees calculation based on usage rather than pre-provisioned capacity.

There are existing MVP available on project’s website. Full release will be performed at April 2019.

Business Plan

No detailed business-plan presented in WP, only token distribution scheme (40% will be sold, 25% will be disturbed between team and advisors with 20-month lock) and funds received plans to usage: 45% on technical development and only 10% to marketing expenses. No detailed sales plans presented in WP.

Marketing Strategy

WP presents no detailed marketing strategy – only potential customers: ICO & token sale projects; cryptocurrency exchanges; banking & finance institutions. Also, only 10% of funds received were selected as marketing budget. So, this can be classified as an absence of marketing strategy.


Team consists from 6 persons with management, marketing and technical background. There is no finance or blockchain expert positions in the team. Only one blockchain advisor is insufficient, according our opinion.

The Vision of the Market

WP contains information about market volume of global blockchain consultancy (USD 5 billion in 2017) with selecting a bank consultancy segment (USD 200 million), and selecting main segments. So, it shows that founders have a knowledge of their market.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Founders mark three segments which are potential customers of their project because of their potential interest to scalable microservices & blockchain projects:

  • ICO & Token sale projects
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Banking and finance institutions.

Competitive Advantage

WP marked that there are only a few microservices projects on market, and Squeezer has one main advantage over them – blockchain integration.


Project strong sides: innovative idea with MVP presented; strong team and market understanding.

Project weak sides: a lack of business plan calculations and marketing strategy.

So our position is positive.