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Analysis of ICO SpringRole



Spring Role is a product for verification education, work skills, professional experience etc. – i.e. for an attestation of user and for creation a trustful, verified CV. Blockchain technologies giving an opportunity to create fast, secured database with a clear verification protocols. This is interesting idea and can be useful, but now LinkedIn provides closest service with skills verification, recommendations from previous jobs etc.  Spring Role needs a token as internal cryptocurrency – but LinkedIn doing the same service without any payments. Also, there will be additional services like freelancing opportunities.

Launch of product is planning, according the roadmap, in May 2018 – so we will see it before ICO launch

Business Plan

Only 25,5% of tokens will be sold during ICO, and 35% will be hold by team (4 years) and advisors (2 years) with opening them after milestones passed. 40% of funds received will be used on development, and 45% were planned to usage in marketing – PR, building a partnership and whole business ecosystem.

And according the website, project now has venture investors which believe in it, and large partnership network, so it makes project development more realistic.

Marketing Strategy

As initial point, founders selected case of hiring Indian developers for US companies. No more information was presented about this.


Team looks professional, well balanced on all axis – management, marketing, finance, software development and blockchain. And team members have realistic LinkedIn profiles, large advisors team (unfortunately without proofs of partnership).

The Vision of the Market

Founders show understanding of current job market issues like unproved information in CV and need in clear fact checking for each job seeker for preventing the fraud. There are no researches and market volume estimations, so their analysis may be named good, but not brilliant.

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience of project consists from all persons who seeking in internet any part-time jobs or career opportunities, and wants to have a clear proved CV.

Competitive Advantage

According our opinion, main competitor of the project is LinkedIn project which has a large audience and provides same services with the project. But if the project will have more clear job and candidates search engine than LinkedIn and reputation system based on information provided – it have a chance to success.


Project strong sides: blockchain engine which can give more flexible and secured product; final release before ICO; probably existing venture investors and partnership network.

Project weak sides: great competition with LinkedIn without details of it.

So our position is positive.