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Analysis of ICO Soundeon



Soundeon is musical and multimedia decentralized platform powered by blockchain. The ecosystem includes the following application layers:

  • Music Token Sale - artists can launch tokes sales to finance personal projects
  • Soundeon Exchange - a tokenization tool and a decentralized exchange of intellectual property. Everyone can buy/sell their royalty income to create diversified music royalty portfolio
  • Soundeon Tix - smart ticketing platform focused on fans’ experience and convenience. Dynamic QR codes and Creative Smart Contracts™ will eliminate ticket scalping
  • Soundeon Monitor - royalty data aggregation
  • Soundeon Player - a music player on blockchain for transparent royalty distribution.

The platform is open for third-party developments integration.

Business Plan

The Soundeon Token is a utility token which would be applied as a utility payment for services rendered within the platform and integrated partner channels. In addition, alternative forms of payment - major cryptocurrencies and fiat money - will be allowed.

Music Token Sale service will be available for registered and verified (via KYC) artists who want to fund their work. Fans and general audience are invited to participate in the creative process.

There is a 10-phase budget allocation model depending on the amount of funds raised.

Marketing Strategy

There is no marketing plan in the WP. Dependending on the funds raised, marketing activities will get 20%-28% of budget. The team is very active on social media, with Facebook providing biggest numbers of followers (117K). Team members also present at relevant events across the globe.


The team includes blockchain experts, artists, software developers, intellectual property practitioners, media executives. There are specialists in private equity investment, FinTech, entrepreneurship, marketing, business development, art. Advisors provide expertise in music industry,  ticketing, streaming music startups, IT, crypto funds, ICO and corporate development.

The Vision of the Market

Soundeon platform covers all sectors of music industry: creation and copyright of a work, contractual resale of existing and future music assets, concert organization, ticket sales. The WP provides an overview of music industry, listing real-life issue and limitations.   

Understanding of the Target Audience

Target audience is segmented into two big groups: fans/music lovers and musicians/authors. No further segmentation is provided.

Competitive Advantage

There is no competitor analysis in the WP. Music industry, especially ticketing sector, has big potential for tech startups. Several projects are already in the market, so Soundeon team needs to conduct a research and identify direct and indirect competitors.

Soundeon competitive advantages are: transparency, equitable ownership rights management, enhanced artists funding mechanisms and fair event ticketing.


Missing (key) components should be added to the WP. While application of blockchain technology in Soundeon project is justified, there is no clear evidence that internal tokens are necessary, according to analysts from Expert-Coin Rating.

Strengths: an alpha version is available. The patent application for Creative Smart Contracts™ technology was successfully submitted. Team members experience includes working at KPMG, Ernst & Young, Nasdaq, Groupon.

Weaknesses: there are no financial projections, marketing plan and competitor analysis. Team members profiles should be added to the WP, non of the advisors have link to LinkedIn profile. Monetization model is not provided. There is no FAQ section on the website.